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Adjustable Beds

Many people consider an adjustable bed a luxury—but it might not really be over the top. Bear in mind that many of those same folks might spend $1000 – $4000 on options for their car.

Consider: on average, people spend 30 minutes a day in a car—versus 8-10 hours in bed. Increasingly, adding extreme comfort to the hours of rest is a way many “nesters” are adding ease and stress relief to their lives.

Also consider the math:

– 3 cars over 20 years = $60,000
– 1 Queen adjustable base for 20 years = $1,600

An adjustable bed can restore your rest like nothing else. Some people raise the head for reading, then lower it flat to sleep. Others find that a slight incline gives them comfortable sleep that has eluded them for years.

Simply press a button on a handy control, and you may hear yourself letting out the kind of sigggghhh that says, “I’m COMFORTABLE.” Does that happen every time you get into your car? Hmmm.

Then there’s television. Optimistic sleep specialists say the bedroom should be reserved for sleep and sex only, but we all know many people watch TV in bed. Nothing’s more cozy than enjoying a little supine theater from an adjustable bed. Raise your head as high as you like. Raise your feet slightly. Pressure immediately leaves the spine and hips. When you’re ready to sleep, one button-push and you’re gently eased flat. It’s a different kind of lullaby.

An adjustable bed is something to dream about. And it may be a sensible luxury.

Can’t wait to get into your PJs? Two things to look for when you choose a mattress for your adjustable base:

  1. It must be flexible.  Natural latex mattresses and some memory foam mattresses are good choices. Stiff innerspring mattresses are impractical.
  2. Some 13” or taller mattresses will not bend as well as standard-height models. Natural latex mattresses are the most flexible.
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