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Designing for Diversity

There’s a special benefit of manufacturing products from natural materials, and educating others about them. Our work gives us the opportunity to reflect often about nature itself. That can lead us to ponder human nature, too, and the wonderful diversity of our customers.

It’s Only Natural

Although there’s purity and simplicity to materials such as natural latex, organic cotton, and organic wool, assuming that “natural” equals “simple” would be, well…an over-simplification.

It’s extraordinary that a plant coats its seeds with creamy fibers that expand in the warmth of the sun until the seed pod bursts to reveal a cotton boll. It’s remarkable that sap that runs beneath the bark of a tree can be baked into an extraordinarily comfortable foam. And humans have known for millennia that sheeps’ wool can be turned into one of the most amazing, adaptable fabrics in existence.

Each of these “miracle” materials results from immeasurably diverse processes of life, replication, and growth.

Unique Sleepers

So how about people? How “simple” are we? Tall or short? Old or young? One “race” or another? Straight or LGBTQ? As a language-loving species, we sure like our labels. But when we contemplate nature long enough, it becomes clear that as much dazzling diversity has evolved among human beings as in the rest of nature.

One of the most satisfying aspects of our work at Savvy Rest is that with our adaptable layered mattress design, we can offer an unprecedented degree of customization. This helps us welcome each customer (or couple) as unique individuals, with individual shape, size, temperament and comfort needs.

So how will you or you and your partner feel on a Savvy Rest? The answer is fabulous! Check out more information on how to choose the Savvy Rest that’s right for you–in your diversity.

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