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Inside the Savvy Rest Woodshop

When most people think Savvy Rest, they think about our organic and non-toxic mattresses made with natural Dunlop and Talalay latex. But the mattress has to lay on something, right? Therefore, we wanted to build our own sturdy and safe platform beds right here in Central Virginia. It was important for us to blend quality with style. We accomplished this goal with our Afton and Esmont platform beds.

Creating the Platform Beds

Judd Jarvis, our Product Designer and Workshop Manager, chose maple to construct these platform beds for several reasons: “It is a beautiful wood with many interesting grain patterns. It tends to be light in color and takes finishes well. It’s lighter than other hardwoods like oak, and it’s easier to work with. It also holds up to shock well. We ship to both coasts and Canada so it has to hold up to shipping.”

Judd knew the importance of designing a product that would be easy for customers to assemble. There is nothing fun about receiving a product in the mail and realizing that you will have to budget an entire afternoon to assemble it. It just leads to stress and that is the last thing we want our customers to experience. Savvy Rest is all about creating a relaxing environment, not an obstacle course.

mortise and tenon joinery

In terms of the platform bed finishes, Judd wanted to include a vast array of choices that were not only aesthetically pleasing but safe and natural: “The linseed oil we use is just linseed oil. There are no metal catalysts or hardeners added to the oil. It’s also a great benefit for the people that make the furniture because they are not subjected to harsh chemicals and fumes all day long. When you walk into the shop you smell wood, not lacquers or varnishes. The same is true for the stain that we currently use. It’s a non-toxic water based stain. I don’t have to worry about the long term effects of chemical exposure to the people that work in the shop. Healthy makers, better product.”

The Verona, Our Comfortable and Stylish Sofa

Not only are we proud of our platform beds, but we recently launched our first organic sofa, the Verona, which comes in both a standard size and a loveseat. You can choose between certified organic hemp, certified organic cotton, or a blend of the two as your fabric. When choosing the fabrics, we focused on three things: comfort, style and durability. While hemp is one of the most durable fabrics available, it is also expensive. We therefore have a variety of options for our customers so that they can choose the one that best fits their lifestyle and budget. The hemp/cotton blend for example comes in the same natural colors as the hemp sofa but is lighter to the touch (and lighter on your wallet).

Savvy Rest organic sofa construction

The Verona is made using certified sustainable maple. We use as little glue as possible and the glue that we do use is GreenGuard certified. Natural jute webbing and coir make up the seating deck and Talalay is used for the seating cushions. Finally, we opt for wool batting instead of chemical flame retardants. Wool allows us to still meet federal fire safety requirements without harming your health.

Our woodshop is successful because of the hardworking and talented employees who run it. They create beautiful, safe and sturdy furniture that we hope you enjoy!

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