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Kapok: The Organic Down Alternative

When someone comes through our doors and is interested in looking at pillows, most of the time they’ve never been introduced to kapok. It’s not that surprising since kapok isn’t the kind of fiber you see or hear about all that often. Give it some time and attention though because it may become your new best friend!

It’s all just a bunch of fluff

In the back of our store, you’ll see an unassuming bunch of fiber nestled in a glass jar. It doesn’t look like anything special. In fact it looks like a lot of other fluffy fiber fill that you can find in pillows, stuffed toys and upholstered furniture. But that little ball of fluff has some pretty amazing properties. Often when talking about kapok I’ll bring people over to that jar and let them feel the fiber themselves. You can talk about how soft and fine something is, but when someone has the ability to actually feel it, then they finally understand. The phrases I hear the most are a combination of “Wow,” “Woah,” and “That’s neat.” In an instant this little ball of fiber is able to showcase how silky, lightweight and luxurious it truly is. Some people akin it’s properties to that of Angora. But don’t worry, no bunnies were harmed in the making of this fluff.

Breaking up isn’t hard to do

When I was a little girl, my favorite pillow in the world was a smallish feather pillow that had been passed down to me from my grandmother. It certainly had seen better days but I didn’t care. My mother added to my excitement when she slipped it into a fraying light blue silk pillow case that was definitely too large. Think of Linus and his blanket–that was me and my pillow. That pillow went everywhere with me. It was my security, my instant hug, my nighttime snuggle buddy. I had that pillow and extra-large pillow case until I was a teenager.

Slowly as I grew up, I started to learn about how feather pillows were made. It was easy to ignore it since I never saw the feathers and I had more important things on my mind, like boys (just kidding…. it was my horses). But one morning I was aghast to look in the mirror and see a white feather sticking out from my cheek. One of the quills twisted through the pillow’s casing and pinned itself into my cheek while I was sleeping! Well, my pillow officially retired that day and I went decades trying to recapture that feeling of a soft and inviting pillow. That search ended when I was introduced to a kapok filled pillow resting on a showroom mattress. Once my head nestled down, memories of my grandmother and my old pillow came flooding back. This was the pillow I was waiting for.

kapok is a natural fiber from seed pods

No feathers needed

Because of its properties, Savvy Rest’s kapok pillows have quickly become a popular option for those seeking a down alternative without all the negatives of down. The harvesting of down is certainly a dirty little secret that is slowly coming to light with people now becoming more aware of the inhumane conditions with acquiring feathers. You won’t have to worry about harvesting methods with our kapok pillows. Kapok is a natural fiber that comes from the kapok seed pod. Resembling a cotton bloom, this hefty football-sized pod can be found hanging from the kapok tree. And because of conscientious harvesting methods and organic standards, there’s no need to worry about harsh environmental impacts.

When you finally ditch that feather pillow, you’ll be ridding yourself of some other hitchhikers that tend to tag along with down. Feather pillows create an ideal environment for mold to thrive because of their ability to retain heat and moisture. Feathers also tend to capture other allergens that are in our environments like animal dander and pollen; they also become more allergenic with age. This is not an issue with Kapok since it naturally repels moisture, making it a healthier alternative for allergy sufferers as well.

Customizable, just for you

Like it’s other counterparts in the Savvy Rest pillow line, the kapok pillow is designed to be customizable. Maybe you like your pillow dense but lighter weight. Maybe you’re like me and you love a mushy and moldable pillow that can handle your side sleeping habits. Because of its ability to have fill removed, you can find the density and height profile that’ll be perfect for you. You can also save the fill you remove and put some back in if your sleeping needs change.

So, are you ready to break up with your old feather pillow? Breakups can be hard, but I promise this one will be the easiest you’ll ever do.

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