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Mattress Underwear

We were shocked, we tell you, shocked, when we realized that these days, some people don’t know that a mattress pad is essential bedding! (Okay, most of those people are teenagers.) But we’ve spotted a need for Proper Mattress Pad Protocol.

What’s a mattress pad about? Protection for the mattress you’ve invested in. And protection for you as well.

Four Choices (Really Three)

1. Skip the mattress pad. Heavens, no! Not only does using a pad keep the mattress surface visibly clean, but it also protects it from a grimy microscopic pileup of skin oils, sweat, hair products, dust, and dead skin cells. Not to mention occasional accidents (ever snack or sip coffee in bed?). Showroom stories of mattresses “doubling in weight” from shed skin—or even dust mites—are absurdly exaggerated. But still, microscopic debris does migrate into a mattress. A mattress pad helps keep things sanitary.

2. Choose a wool pad. A good choice for moisture protection, wool also offers breathable softness. The weave of our natural wool mattress pad makes moisture bead on the surface and prevents quick breakthrough. (It even works well as a crib pad!) We won’t label it moisture-proof, because only plastic is impermeable, but this pad is very moisture resistant. It has organic cotton ties that adjust to any mattress height (including pillowtops).

Downside? Wool should be hand washed. We intentionally oversize our pads a little, because we know the temptation to use your machine’s delicate cycle and cold water is great. But if you do, some shrinkage should be expected. (If you don’t sleep on the very outer edges of your mattress, that may not trouble you.)

3. Go with cotton. This simple, quilted style adds light cushioning and is easy-care. You can machine wash our organic cotton mattress pad. With organic cotton corner ties, it fits mattresses of any height. Just knot the ties over the corners and trim off the extra length.

Downside? We can’t think of one.

4. Choose both. For the ultimate protection, comfort, and ease of care, consider using both mattress pads. Leave the wool on as a protective layer, and place the cotton pad on top. You can easily remove and replace the cotton pad for laundering, and the wool pad will prevent dust from entering while the bed is stripped.

Downside? You’ll spend a bit more to equip a bed with both pads, but if it works for your budget, the combo is a great approach.

A Simple Matter

There you have it. There’s no mystery to mattress pads, and less glamour. But they’re important “undergarments” for any organic mattress.

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