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A Super-Sleep Secret

What if there were a way to significantly increase both the time you spend in the deepest stages of sleep and your overall time asleep, while your hours in bed remain the same? And what if you could do this without popping a pill or remedy?

If you’re able to respond to suggestion, hypnosis may be your answer.

In good company

Here’s the key thing to understand about hypnotic suggestibility—it has nothing to do with being gullible.

People who are highly suggestible (up to 20% of the population) tend to be very intelligent, creative, and imaginative. People who follow instructions routinely in their careers (nursing, engineering, military) or concentrate intensely (writers, artists, musicians) tend to be highly responsive, too. Low-suggestibility individuals can improve their response simply by repeating hypnotic sessions until they’re comfortable with the process. Roughly half the population is estimated to be moderately suggestible, hypnotherapy experts say.

The only other thing required to be successfully hypnotized is willingness. You need to be willing to be open to the experience, to suspend critical judgement, and to trust enough to follow instructions from a narrator.

And sleeeeeeeepier….

A small but compelling new study conducted by Swiss university psychologists has found that highly-suggestible people who used audiotapes with hypnotic suggestions to sleep more deeply increased their deep-sleep intervals by a remarkable 80%. Not only that, but during the sleep study they were actually asleep 67% longer than the low-suggestibility subjects.

This study is the first to measure subjects’ brain waves after their exposure to hypnotic messages about deep sleep and compare them to a control group who heard only neutral messages. The results were not only significant, the researchers said, but “amazing.”

Side-effect free

The most exciting thing about this news is that it suggests the possibility of improved sleep without the risks of sleeping medications or of herbs or supplements from poorly-regulated sources. With zero side effects other than deeper, better sleep—what’s to lose?

Just a few bucks. Recordings are inexpensive, they’re easy to find, and if you don’t respond well to one voice or script, you can try another. It won’t work for every individual, but it’s a simple experiment that won’t harm you.

Like how it feels? You may also want to invest in comfy headphones or even a pillow speaker. Pillow speakers work wonderfully with customizable organic pillows. You can listen to your hypnosis tape without disturbing your partner (though we predict if your improved sleep becomes obvious, s/he might like to hear it, too).

It’s real, it’s not magic

Sounds like it might be time to abandon vaudeville notions about hypnosis. Clinically-studied hypnotherapy has been around for a long time now. And if it works for you by deepening your sleep, this simple DIY version might be a life-changing tool.

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