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Customer Handouts

Mattress Assembly Instructions

These step-by-step tips demystify how to put together a layered Savvy Rest. They also help customers decide whether they’ll need a helper when the mattress arrives.

Mattress Care Instructions

Hopefully, few folks will pour wine on a mattress or throw a casing in the wash. This handout spells out what can and can’t be done to care for a Savvy Rest. (All staff need to know.)

Important Notes for Customers

Give this handout to all mattress customers at time of purchase. The information will increase their understanding of natural materials and forestall customer service issues.

Popular Configurations

Use this handout in your showroom to help people who want to read about layer combinations for different needs.

Why Not Other Foams?

This chart offers a detailed view of the key differences between natural latex and other mattress foams.

Delivery Inspection Instructions

This information protects any customer who’ll be receiving a delivery. It also protects you from having to handle problems with damage claims.

Latex Exchange Policy + Ordering & Shipping Instructions

Step by step, this crucial handout explains our latex exchange program and guides your customers through the process of ordering and shipping.

Common Carrier Delivery

Provide this handout to every customer whose order will arrive by Common Carrier. Customers must prepare to unload, bring in and set up a mattress and foundation (unless theirs is a White Glove or store delivery).

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