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In-Store Location

Lying down is a vulnerable state; some customers are also in pain. Create a serene space where they can feel relaxed. Avoid center-aisle, high-traffic or front-window areas. Use calming colors and uncluttered decor: plants, lamps, and simple baskets (on beside nightstands if possible) with materials samples and brochures. Store customer handouts (such as Popular Configurations) nearby.

Display Configurations

Although hundreds of combinations are possible, these Recommended Display Configurations generate maximum sales per model and item, based on popularity and versatility. Queen is the minimum display size required for layered mattresses, and a minimum of two Queen layered mattresses are required. Also, a minimum of two toppers are required. (Recommended configurations for up to 24 beds are also available.)


Whether two (minimum required) or many Savvy Rests, arrange so a customer can go in one direction across beds to generally experience softer to firmer. (Transitions of “feel” between latex types/combinations will not be perfectly linear.) Move toppers from bed to bed to double customers’ choices. Note: Each additional mattress decreases staff labor, increases customer selection, and increases sales. If a revised layout would permit additional displays, consider that Savvy Rest generates more profit per square foot than smaller items. Adequate displays also boost customers’ confidence in the brand.


Display 2 to 4 Savvy Rest pillows on each bed. Display mattress pads folded. Do not “dress” beds with linens, which hampers showing design. The Savvy Rest pillow rack adds drama to displays and storage for accessories. NOTE: Customizable, loose-fill pillows arrive intentionally overstuffed to allow customers to personalize height and firmness. They are too bulky to display as-is. Remove excess fill to average, comfortable appearance before placing on display beds.

Customer Aids

Use framed placards similar to these by display beds to help staff and customers easily identify default configuration/s. Add a coat tree for outerwear.

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