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Where Our Latex Comes From

Our Dunlop latex is harvested and baked into foam sheets in Kerala, India. Coco Latex’s serum comes from small farms, all certified organic by the Control Union. Our Vita Talalay is made by Radium Foam, headquarted in the Netherlands, from rubber serum harvested in Southern Asia.

Differences Between Dunlop & Talalay

The Savvy Rest site details the differences. The most significant are:

  • Talalay (S, M, F) is softer than each Dunlop counterpart
  • Dunlop is denser, more like “pound cake”
  • Talalay has a softer, springier feel, like “angel food cake”
  • Talalay is incredibly breathable due to its open cell structure
  • The Talalay manufacturing process results in a more uniform layer of latex
  • Each meets different comfort needs
  • Talalay costs more due to additional processing steps
  • Soft Talalay offers the greatest pressure relief
  • Dunlop provides the densest support for the back
  • A layered Savvy Rest can be made with either or both

Layered Design Benefits


Each person can choose a unique layer combination for completely personalized comfort. Couples can choose optional split layers for individualized combinations on each side. (For custom sizes, see Product Information.)

Motion transfer reduction

Latex absorbs motion well. A divided core (Queen and larger sizes only) further minimizes disturbance from a restless partner.


A Savvy Rest adapts to changing physical needs over time. Layers can be rearranged or replaced with an alternate firmness.


A layered Savvy Rest disassembles and packs easily. In bags, it can be moved by car. A Savvy Rest layered latex mattress has the ability to fit through smaller door frames unlike conventional mattresses which typically arrive as one, large unit.


Note: Latex should not be kept in boxes for long periods, more than two months. It should not be stored in environments that are not climate controlled.

ILD Ranges

Although latex suppliers no longer provide ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) measurements for their products, ILD is a specification some customers ask about because it is mentioned on some websites. We explain the limitations of that focus here

Benefits of Wool

Natural insulation

Wool fiber feels cozy underneath in winter and helps the body shed excess heat in summer. Wool batting in the casing prevents the heat buildup common to most foam mattresses, particularly memory foam. (The Savvy Woolsy doubles this benefit, offering a uniquely comforting surface due to wool’s resilient loft.) Wool’s heat-dissipation capacity is especially appreciated by “hot sleepers” and women coping with hot flashes.

Natural Temperature Regulator

As previously mentioned, wool has the ability to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer–this is because wool doesn’t retain moisture or cause uncomforable heat buildup. Instead, this breathable material reacts to your body temperature and the environment to keep you feeling cozy and refreshed. We highly recommend our Duvet Inserts for any customer looking to fully experience the benefits of wool.

Natural flame retardancy

Wool batting is slow to ignite and allows Savvy Rest mattresses to meet federal safety requirements with NO chemical flame retardants. Flame tests are conducted on an entire assembled mattress in its casing, not on individual strands of yarn exposed to air. (A few misleading sites show or “test” a burning strand to “prove” wool can’t provide flame resistance. Untrue. In adequate quantity inside the casing, wool batting does exactly that.)


Wool is a renewable resource.

Kapok Fiber

Kapok is a light, buoyant natural fiber (from seed pods) that is often used as an alternative to down.

Maple & Poplar Wood

We use sustainably sourced maple and poplar wood in our natural platform beds and platform bed insert. We also use maple in our organic sofas.


Coir is natural coconut fiber; it is found in our bed rug, Earthspring mattress and organic sofas. Coir increases air circulation when used on solid bed frames or in humid conditions.

Certifications and Tests

Wool batting

Certified organic to USDA organic standards (National Organic Program).

Organic cotton fabric, kapok fiber

Certified organic to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Dunlop natural latex

Certified organically grown by Control Union, to US National Organic Program standards. Certified organically processed to Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Tested for harmful substances and certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Tested for VOCs by Associated Laboratories.

Talalay natural latex

Tested for harmful substances and certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Cradle-to-Cradle® GOLD certified for meeting requirements for health, materials re-use, renewable energy, water stewardship, and social fairness.

Savvy Rest products

Our organic mattresses, Harmony and Vitality toppers and pillows are certified to GreenGuard GOLD standards for low volatile emissions; GOLD standard includes stringent additional requirements for vulnerable populations, including children and the elderly.

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