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Pricing Policies

Advertised Pricing

Savvy Rest’s policy is that no dealer may advertise discounts or free product giveaways (other than Savvy Rest promotions) with mattress purchase. This includes online, in print or broadcast media, by email or over the phone. “Daily deal” or other email offers must indicate that discounts or free offers do not apply to Savvy Rest.

Exception for in-store discounts

Any independent retailer may offer a discount on the spot to a walk-in customer. And, you may use the following specific wording regarding Savvy Rest products in your advertising: Visit our showroom for special in-store discounts. Or: Visit our store for Savvy Rest showroom discounts. Please do NOT advertise your showroom discounts as specific percentages or markdowns, even over the phone. If pressed, you can convey: “We can offer special showroom discounts to people who actually come in to our store, but the manufacturer’s policy is not to quote specific markdowns over the phone. We hope you’ll visit us.” Pressed further? “Savvy Rest’s philosophy is to support all dealers fairly, and avoid setting one against another. This way, each local business has the opportunity to offer their best.”

We all encounter the aggressive shopper who says, “Mattress Store X is offering 10% off, can you do better?” The best approach is to courteously hold the line and explain the policy. Most of the time, people who value local businesses respond positively. No one can control determined discount-hunters, but our commitment to you is to continue to do our best to ensure a level playing field.

To request an exception to this policy for a specific event (such as a fair, trade show or cross-promotion with a charity) for one week, please email a description of your proposed plan, including a link to the event, to John Howard-Smith.

Exception for store email lists

You may offer periodic discounts on Savvy Rest products to your own email lists of local existing customers. NOTE: This applies to store-developed local email lists only, not to rented or purchased lists of email addresses.

Display Model Pricing

Initial display mattresses and additional models added to expand displays are 40% off the wholesale price. Showroom model replacement mattresses are available at wholesale. A 40% off wholesale discount on display mattress replacements applies when the following sales volume levels have been met within 12 months of a previous display model order:

  • $75,000 (discount on 1 showroom replacement)
  • $100,000 (discount on 2 showroom replacements)
  • $150,000 (discount on 3 showroom replacements)
  • $200,000 (discount on 4 showroom replacements)
  • $250,000 (discount on 5 showroom replacements)

Price Changes

When a price increase or decrease is scheduled, you will be notified ahead of time in the Savvy Rest News. Please read the entire newsletter each month. Revised price lists will be provided before a change is implemented.

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