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Intro to Dealer Resources & Pricing

Just getting started with Savvy Rest? Or maybe you’ve been with us for a while and need a refresher? This training module was designed to give you an overview of the critical parts of our Dealer Resources. Here, we’ll address your pricing questions and show you how to find the information you need using our dealers-only online resources.

Dealer Resources and Pricing

In this video, Operations Manager Twila Ressler (with some help from fellow employee-owner Taylor Pond) describes key areas of our Dealer Resources and takes a close look at our price lists.

Tip: Looking for information about our Price Lists? Skip ahead to 06:52 in the video above.

Still Have Questions?

Looking for information that wasn’t covered in the video above? Feel free to email twila@savvyrest.com and she (or a member of her operations team) will get back to you promptly.

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