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Our regular services (FedEx and common carriers) deliver Monday-Friday during the daytime.

Projected Ship Dates

For mattresses and bedding, the usual Projected Ship Date (below Ship-To field on your Order Confirmation) is 5 business days (7 calendar) from the date a complete order is received. These dates are projected, not firm, but our production team has an excellent record of meeting them. The Projected Ship Date is the latest date we expect your order to leave Savvy Rest. It is not a delivery date.

For Esmont platform beds and all platform beds with “custom” stains, the usual Projected Ship Date is 2 weeks from the date a complete order is received. All linseed oil Afton have a Projected Ship Date of 1 week from the date a complete order is received.

The Platform Bed Insert has a Projected Ship Date of 1 week from the date a complete order is received.

For Pastorals, the Projected Ship Date is 4 weeks from the date a complete order is received.

NOTE: Display (showroom) mattress orders ship in 10 business (14 calendar) days.

Order revisions or address changes

To add items to an existing order, first contact Savvy Rest for confirmation that the order has not yet shipped or completed packing. Depending how far along the order is in production, added items may require resetting a Projected Ship Date.
Re-consignments or changes to addresses made after a shipment has departed Savvy Rest will result in additional fees of up to $200, depending on order.


Days will be added to the Projected Ship Date around holidays when our production department is closed.

Carriers are extremely busy during this time. Therefore, regular transit times are occasionaly delayed.

Promotions or price increases

When unusually high volume is expected due to a Savvy Rest promotion or upcoming price increase, the Projected Ship Date may be longer than 5 business days but will rarely exceed 14.

Custom sizes

When an order includes a customized mattress and/or foundation, the Projected Ship Date will be 4 weeks from the date of order.


Should a production or supplier delay occur that would lengthen the usual shipping interval, we will notify you that a Projected Ship Date must be adjusted.

Backordered items

If an unforeseen supplier or production delay means that although a mattress or set is ready to ship, a smaller item such as an accessory is out of stock, we normally ship the bulk of the order. We will note in your Tracking Information email if any item is backordered. Please alert your customer that the item will ship as soon as possible.

We are happy to reassign backordered items to ship directly to customers. Please let us know if this is something you would prefer.

Delivery Dates

Specific delivery dates

Preferred. (“On or Before” or “On or After.”) For a date your customer prefers but does not require, indicate this request on your Purchase Order. Example: Due to travel or vacation plans, your customer prefers to receive a shipment before or after a certain date. Add to order: Preferred Delivery ON or BEFORE [Month/Date] or ON or AFTER [Month/Date]. We will make every effort to time shipment for delivery within a 3-day window of the requested date.

Guaranteed. Fee applies. For a must-have, specific date your customer requires be guaranteed for delivery, the order must be received in time for usual production and shipping intervals. Add to order: Guaranteed Delivery [Month/Date].

Guaranteed Delivery Date fees

  • Mattress only – $150
  • Mattress with foundation OR platform bed insert – $200
  • Platform Beds – $100
  • Multiple mattresses or sets – Quote required
  • White Glove Delivery – Quote required
  • Email request with order details to [email protected]
Notes: If Rush Processing AND a Guaranteed Delivery Date are requested for the same order, both fees apply. Guaranteed Delivery is not available for sofas, loveseats, and armchairs.

Rush Processing

Rush Processing procedure

If a customer requests a “rush” order, call Savvy Rest before committing. Detail all items included. We will request approval from the Production Manager and call you back. Each request is evaluated based on current work flow. When Rush Processing is approved, an order is moved from its position in the queue to the “head of the line,” and ships within the next 1-2 business days. Points to remember:

  • Requests received after 4pm EST may be answered the following business day.
  • Rush Processing requests received after 4pm EST Fridays are reviewed for approval Monday and, if approved, ship on Tuesday.
  • Rush Processing is not “Expedited Shipping”; ground transit times do not change.

Rush Processing fees

  • Single mattress OR platform bed OR foundation OR platform bed insert – $100
  • Single mattress with foundation OR platform bed insert OR platform bed (set) – $150
  • Other items with OR without a mattress – $25 each
Note: Rush Processing is not available for sofas, loveseats, and armchairs.

Packaging and Tracking


Products are bagged in heavy plastic, then packed in strong boxes with strapping reinforcement. Most latex boxes measure just under 2’ x 2’ x 3’. Casings or accessories not included in latex boxes are shipped in smaller boxes; additional accessories may require additional boxes. Box contents are labeled on the outside.

Serenity, Serenity Pillowtop, Tranquility

Twin/TXL —  2 latex boxes (23″ x 23″ x 36″ and 16″ x 16″ x 38″)

Note: When working with firmer latex layers for a TXL mattress, we may send an extra box (16″ x 16″ x 16″) with the casing.

Full/Queen — 3 latex boxes (23″ x 23″ x 30″)

King/California King (FedEx) — 3 latex boxes (23″ x 23″ x 36″) + 1 smaller box for casing


Twin/TXL/Full/Queen — 1 latex box
King/California King — 1 larger box

Foundations, Earthspring

Twin/TXL — 1 box: 39″ x 81″ x 10″
Full/Queen — 1 box: 61″ x 81″ x 10″
California King foundations — 2 boxes: 39″ x 85″ x 10″

Platform Beds + Platform Bed Inserts

Savvy Rest’s own natural platform beds (the Afton and Esmont) and platform bed insert arrive in several individually-labeled boxes. Simple assembly is required; no tools required.


Tracking information for each order is sent to the dealer by the end of the day the order ships. At that time, an invoice is also created and emailed. To see the FedEx tracking number, open the invoice PDF. An email may also arrive from FedEx with tracking information. White Glove and common carrier (freight) shippers issue one tracking number for all boxes in a shipment. FedEx issues individual tracking numbers for each box.

Note: Please provide this information to your customer on receipt.

Free Volume Shipping

For single orders to a dealer’s retail location, warehouse, delivery company or regular commercial receiving site totaling more than $5000 in product value, shipping is free. NOTE: Contiguous U.S. store locations only. Special volume rates apply to Canada due to NAFTA requirements; contact Savvy Rest for details.

Drop Shipping

Customer phone number

MUST be included on Purchase Order for shipment.

FedEx Ground, No Signature

Most mattress orders without foundations are shipped FedEx Ground, No Signature Required. Points to remember:

  • FedEx will not call customer before they deliver.
  • Dealer must provide Tracking Email information to customer.
  • Changes to Ship-To address after order has shipped incur a $15 fee per box.

FedEx Ground, Signature Required

Available only if requested in initial Purchase Order.


  • $5 for any accessory order (regardless of the quantity of accessories)
  • $20 for each mattresses (regardless of the size / # of layers)
  • $20 for each platform bed (regardless of style / size / inserts)

Points to remember:

  • Signature Required cannot be added after an order has shipped.
  • FedEx makes three (3) attempts to deliver if customer is not at home. After the final attempt, the order is returned to Savvy Rest, and dealer is billed for that freight charge plus the cost of reshipment.

Drop-Ship fee

For orders without mattress (ex: pillows or accessories only): $10 per order.

We do not charge a drop-ship fee for Bed Rugs, Toppers or the Natural Duvet Insert.

Common Carrier Shipping

Customer phone number

MUST be included on Purchase Order for shipment.

Products shipped by common carrier

Orders with foundations or Earthsprings are shipped by common carrier.

Delivery window

The carrier calls the customer to schedule a day and a time window.

Curbside only

Explain to your customers that common carriers do not bring deliveries indoors and are contracted to deliver at the curb or sidewalk only. Someone must be present to unload, inspect, sign for, and bring in the delivery. (An individual driver is occasionally willing to bring an order to the door but this is not included or guaranteeable.) Provide the Common Carrier Delivery handout.

Legally, a driver who feels they are unable to safely manuever their rig may reuqest the pick up sight.

Inside delivery or liftgate fee

If a driver is asked to and agrees to help unload a store, warehouse, or residential delivery, an additional charge will apply after the initial invoice.

White Glove Delivery

In-home delivery and setup is available. Contact Savvy Rest for a White Glove Delivery quote, providing Zip Code and all items in the order–including removal of existing mattresses/sets if desired. We will respond shortly.

White Glove Delivery can add 7-10 business days to the delivery timeline. Remote areas may take longer. Note: A Guaranteed Delivery Date may be requested if required; separate fee applies. White Glove Delivery includes:

  • Scheduling (delivery company calls customer)
  • Inside delivery to room
  • Setup of mattress or mattress + foundation and/or platform bed
  • Removal of all packaging
  • Existing mattress/set removal if included in order (separate fee applies)

We do not guarantee Rush orders will arrive on time using White Glove. White Glove notoriously takes longer due to the many shipping procedures.

Delivery Inspection Instructions

Whether customer or retailer, it is the recipient’s responsibility to inspect deliveries and, even if boxes cannot be immediately unpacked, to note any damage or apparent damage on the delivery receipt. We can support your damage claim to a carrier only if damage is recorded at delivery. Savvy Rest is not responsible for damage if a dealer or customer signs for a shipment in good condition. The recipient must either refuse delivery or record any and all damage to boxes, such as:

  • Torn box
  • Hole in box
  • Box bent or crushed
  • Water damage to box
  • Box has been repackaged

At the time of purchase, dealers should provide customers the Delivery Inspection Instructions handout. Stress the importance of inspecting every box and recording damage before signing for a common carrier or Signature-Required delivery. Shipping damage occurs rarely but recording any sign of damage on the carrier’s delivery receipt can prevent major headaches and disappointments.

Reporting Damage

If damage is noted, contact Savvy Rest Customer Service as soon as possible and we will respond quickly. Ask your customer to:

  • Refuse to accept delivery of a box that appears severely damaged when damage to the product is obvious.
  • Email to you photos of the damaged product and boxes if a delivery that shows signs of damage has been accepted. (If you assess that the issue will require Savvy Rest response, forward the photos with a description of the damage to [email protected].)
  • Keep the boxes. Should a trucking company need to pick up a damaged product, the boxes are required. (See Return Shipping, below).

Packing Errors

If a customer reports receiving a wrong-sized product, a box may have been mislabeled. Ask your customer first to open all boxes and examine the contents. If the contents are the wrong size or type, inform Savvy Rest: Call 866-856-4044 or email [email protected]. We will ship the correct product or latex with prepaid shipping label/s for the item/s to be returned, and we will take financial responsibility for any errors we have made.

Return Shipping

When a damaged or incorrect product must be returned, explain to your customer the following procedure:

  • FedEx returns. Savvy Rest will email a pre-paid shipping label with Latex Exchange Shipping Instructions (latex layers, casings, and accessories). Customer can then schedule a pickup.
  • Common carrier returns. In cases of concealed damage or erroneous delivery (shipper error), contact Savvy Rest. We will arrange for the carrier to pick up the merchandise. Remind your customer to repack and seal any opened boxes. The carrier will contact the customer to schedule a pickup appointment.
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