Savvy Rest Staff

Michael Penny.

Michael Penny

Launching an organic mattress company is nothing I set out to do, yet Savvy Rest has been the happy result of choices I made along the way. I am a yoga teacher at heart. I lived and taught in a yoga community for 20 years and loved helping people to relax and experience their own inner worlds.

Later I worked for a futon company and gradually learned the mattress business; how they are made, marketed and sold. As I learned what toxic chemicals wind up in mattresses, it became my life's work to create a healthy, comfortable alternative.

I am passionate about health and how sleep contributes to well being, and enjoy giving talks to groups about sleep and holistic health.

At Savvy Rest we go out of our way to establish and maintain excellent communication among ourselves, and with our dealers and customers. We treat one another and everyone in our circles with dignity and respect. Positive relationships foster good business, and our success is primarily due to this commitment. We say what we mean, and we do what we say.

That's who we are. Our mission is to offer you mattresses and bedding products that create the most healthful sleeping environment possible.