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Mattresses, Furnishings & Your Health

Many consumers are aware that toxic chemicals in the home—including those in mattresses, bedding, sofas and other furniture—are dangerous to health. Chemical flame retardants have been linked to cancer, obesity, infertility and developmental brain disorders. Along with other unsafe chemicals in synthetic foams and textiles, they off-gas into indoor air and degrade into easily-ingested dust particles. Exposure to these compounds has resulted in unprecedented levels in our bodies, with children carrying the highest load. Nontoxic, natural latex foam mattresses and sofas without flame retardants offer a healthful alternative.

Organic Mattresses & Bedding

Our organic mattresses are made with layers of Soft, Medium or Firm natural latex foam rubber, in a wide range of custom combinations. We create personalized comfort for each sleeper—and for couples, we can customize each side. The core components are layers of natural Dunlop or Talalay latex foam. The casings are made of pure organic cotton with organic wool batting quilted inside. NO chemical flame retardants, pesticides, bleaches, dyes or other toxic finishes are used. We also manufacture a natural innerspring, an organic wool-filled mattress, organic bedding and luxurious organic mattress toppers.

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Learn about our products throughout this site, which is filled with clear, detailed information and guidance. Read our blog for more insights on product choices, materials, sleep solutions, and your health. Then visit your nearest dealer to try a Savvy Rest—our brand is carried by fine stores across the country. If no dealer is nearby, you can easily order online or contact us to order directly. (We ask targeted questions to help you choose layers very precisely, even over the phone.)