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Natural Bed Rug

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A natural mat to improve airflow
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Add air-flow under your mattress with this natural mat.

The bed rug is a one-inch mat made of coconut fiber (coir) with natural latex. The bed rug is porous and allows air circulation between the bottom of a mattress and a platform bed’s surface. It is strongly recommended for breathability under any foam mattress on a solid-platform bed. Where inadequate air circulation is a concern, a natural bed rug may be advisable on a slatted platform.

We recommend adding two bed rugs in highly-humid environments.


  • Queen: Two 30×80″ pieces
  • King: Two 38×80″
  • CA King: One ea. 80×34″, 80×38″, 72×4″

What is Coir?

Coir is the main component of our natural bed rugs and derives from coconut husks. When the coconut is mature, the fibrous layer is harvested. Hot water is used to sterilize and soften the fibers, making them more pliable. These fibers are then spun into yarn or rope and made into coir sheets.

The rug also contains natural latex which helps hold the fibers together, ensuring stability.

Why We Love It

Coir is the perfect material for our bed rug because its porous structure promotes air circulation, a key necessity for natural latex.

If your bed does not meet our latex mattress warranty requirements due to lack of airflow with closely spaced slats (or no slats at all), then we recommend purchasing a bed rug to ensure the latex in your mattress can breathe.

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Natural Bed Rug

  1. Kayla (verified owner)

    Just what I needed to support my Savvy Rest memory foam mattress. I only had 2 layers of foam instead of 3 and I could feel the slats of my bed frame underneath. So this bed rug completely fixed the problem. Worth the money and I’m glad I didn’t just get some basic bunky board on Amazon.

  2. Anonymous Customer (verified owner)

    My Mother was looking for something to give a little extra support to her twin bed frame that has 1 and 1/2 wide slats and that could provide air flow to her spring mattress. We were able to get this with an awesome 20% off deal on Fourth of July and it was exactly what she was looking for! Easy on the pocket, provides good support, air flow and added height (which was helpful as Mom’s bed frame is quite low.) One side note: if you are sensitive to smells we would recommend to let it sit outside for some hours to reduce the latex scent (to me it smelled more like coconut husk but my sister and Mom could pick up the latex more strongly so outside it went to be aired out.) Also, I can predict this bed rug could over the years start to have some lossen fibers if you are a bed jumper (which my Mom is not.) If you are not, then this rug would have little to no fallout over the years and we are completely okay with that 🙂 Give it a try!

  3. Nancy B (verified owner)

    Mom was looking for a natural bed rug to give aditional support on her 1 and 1/2 wide slated bed and added air flow on her spring mattress. This bed rug fit the bill (and was easy on it too as we tapped in on the 20% sale going on during fourth of July!) Side note: if one is sensitive to smells, do not hesitate to air this rug outside first for some hours to reduce the latex scent. I picked up more of the coconut husk smell (which I really liked) but Mom, sister and brother smelled the latter so outside it went to air out. Also, we predict that a little bit of the fibers could loosen and fall over the years if one is a bed jumper but that is perfectly okay with us than being with a traditional chemically ladden option. Give it a try!

  4. Happy I (verified owner)

    I was so happy they provided under mattress breathable options.

  5. ptrinettm (verified owner)

    I don’t know if I actually needed this or not but I had spent so much on my new latex bed I figured it was better to be safe than sorry with making sure I had enough breath ability in my mattress. Very sturdy but I think it is very pricey.

  6. Suzanne (verified owner)

    We use this natural bed rug (rubberized coconut coir) in between our futon and futon slats and it makes a huge difference in comfort and softness. We have been looking for this for a long time.

  7. PC (verified owner)

    I purchased the wrong fill for my lite-weight dog and Savvy is sending me the correct fill free of charge.

  8. Bill (verified owner)

    We were buying a latex mattress from another source and putting it onto an adjustable base so we felt we needed the Savvy Rest Bed Rug to facilitate proper ventilation of our new mattress. Nobody else sells such a product???

  9. JAC (verified owner)

    I placed the coir bed rug between my latex mattress and box springs to add air circulation to my mattress, allowing me to sleep cooler. I think it costs more than it should, but it seems that most dealers are selling the Savvy Rest product.

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