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Frequently Asked Questions


The design offers so many options that you can achieve a highly personalized level of comfort. The best way to choose layers is to try out a Savvy Rest at your nearest dealer, who can even re-configure the mattress on the spot to suit your needs. No dealer nearby? Using the detailed guidance on our site, including videos, you can make a very accurate selection. Feel free to call us for advice. And you’re not trapped if you change your mind—you can take three months to decide if you’d like to alter the firmness.

Any Queen, King or California King layered Savvy Rest can be customized on each side, so comfortable sleep is tailored to you both. The half-layers meet together so snugly that you’ll move over the middle without noticing the change. (Because rubber has a natural “grip”, the layers don’t creep apart.) But when you settle in your own zone in deeper sleep, you’ll be on a mattress created exactly for you, and won’t be affected by how the other side feels. Latex is excellent at absorbing motion; split layers maximize this effect, which helps if you have a restless partner.

Many of our customers do. We’ve developed detailed tips about choosing the right mattress for different types of back pain, as well as a video that guides you through our best advice. You can also view easy-to-follow charts of different configurations with commentary on the body types and physical issues they suit best. Our non-customized models may be of interest, too.

We’ve designed a very comfortable, durable innerspring mattress. The Earthspring is a revelation to many people who like sleeping on an innerspring style, but don’t like what most of them are made of. Be sure not to miss these images of the differences between what’s inside an Earthspring and a conventional innerspring. We also offer a fabulous wool-filled mattress.

The primary difference between natural latex and synthetic foams, including memory foam, is that true natural latex foam is 95% (or greater) pure rubber, derived from the sap, or serum, of the rubber tree. It contains no chemical flame retardants and minimal additives (only what is necessary to process rubber serum into foam). Natural latex is comfortable, responsive, durable, and more breathable than any synthetic foam. For a detailed comparison, read Why Not Other Foams?


We have a large and growing network of retail dealers across the U.S. (and several in Canada). Just enter your Zip Code in the search box (top right), click Find A Dealer, and our dealer map and state-by-state text listings will appear. Each listing includes the store’s name, address, and contact information.

Not to worry. You really can choose and order the right mattress online or over the phone! We’ve had loads of experience pleasing thousands of customers who can’t reach a dealer. If you enjoy a DIY approach, read How to Choose and do it all online. Or if you need more advice, call us–we’ll ask you targeted questions to help you choose layers. Examples: Approximate height and weight, preferred sleeping positions, any pain issues (including different types of back pain), favorite level of surface softness, etc.

It’s easy! On every product page, below the item description you’ll see an order form. For a layered model, just select the mattress size and each layer you would like. Click Add to Cart. For other products, indicate your selections in the same way. Review your cart and place your order. It’s that simple. We’ll email you an order confirmation and email you again with tracking information once your order ships.


You’ll find everything from order timing, to special delivery instructions or needs, to White Glove service, setup and more in our Shipping & Delivery FAQ. If you have other questions after purchase, contact your dealer. Or, if you purchased directly from Savvy Rest, email your question to info@savvyrest.com. Email is monitored every business day and we respond promptly. You can also call 866-856-4044 and ask for Customer Service.


It’s not common but can happen–what you try in the store may feel a little different once you’re home in your PJs. You have a full three months after your mattress is delivered to be sure you’re happy with the layers you chose. If you’d like to alter the firmness, simply contact the dealer you ordered from to order a Latex Exchange. Even years later, if you decide you’d like a softer or firmer layer (or half-layer), you can always order a new one. Read more about our policies below.

You can read Savvy Rest policies here, and print out any you’d like to keep for your records. Other policy questions? Just email them to [email protected] and we’ll respond quickly.

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