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Strong and durable organic bed foundations from Savvy Rest

Strong and durable, Savvy Rest’s matching natural, organic foundations replace the box spring in any bedstead or bed frame to support your latex mattress. They are available in two standard heights.

Other options include our organic coir bed rug which adds air circulation for solid-platform beds, a platform bed insert which gives strength to any existing bed frame, a roll-away trundle bed that offers strong support for an extra mattress, and our adjustable bed frame that allows for elevation while sleeping.

Our matching foundation replaces the boxspring in a bedstead or frame.

The bed rug is porous and allows air circulation between the bottom of a mattress and a platform bed’s surface.

An economical addition to any bed frame.

Easy-to-assemble hardwood trundle. Available in Twin and Full.

A mid-century modern adjustable bed frame unlike anything else.

Mattress Foundation

  • Sturdy support for a wide variety of mattresses
  • Ensures breathability for a latex mattress
  • Covered in our organic casing
  • Adds extra height to a bed frame
  • Available in 9″ and 5″ heights

Bed Rug

  • Made with coconut fiber (coir) with natural latex
  • 1″ thickness
  • Increases air flow
  • Strongly recommended if you have a solid platform bed


Platform Bed Insert

  • Fits inside your bed frame
  • Can also be used to add extra height to an existing platform bed
  • Ensures breathability for a latex mattress
  • Hand-built in our Central Virginia woodshop
  • Made with sturdy, sustainably sourced maple and poplar wood
  • Available in 9″, 7″, and 5″ heights
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