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Affiliate Resources

Welcome to Savvy Rest’s Affiliate Resources.  Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need to set up your affiliate links and begin earning commissions from online sales. If you have any questions about the affiliate process, please contact liz@savvyrest.com.

Getting Started

The instructions below will help you navigate the portal and set up your affiliate links.

Scroll to the bottom of our site and click “dealer login.” You will then log into your account.

After logging in, you’ll see an ‘Affiliate Area’ link above the cart (as seen below).

The Affiliate Area has several sections (documented below) and looks like this…:


The Dashboard is the landing page of the Affiliate Portal. It gives an overview of your affiliate account activity, including your earnings, clicks, referrals, and visits. You can access all the other sections of the Affiliate Portal from here.

Affiliate URLs

Affiliate URLs are unique links that you can use to promote Savvy Rest products and services. When someone clicks on your affiliate URL and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. You can create custom URLs for specific pages or products, and track clicks and referrals for each URL.

To create an affiliate URL, navigate to the “Affiliate URLs” section and click “Add New.” Enter the URL you want to promote and a custom slug (if desired). You can also select a campaign to track clicks and referrals for this URL.


The Statistics section provides detailed information about your affiliate activity, including clicks, referrals, conversion rate, and earnings. You can filter the data by date range, campaign, or product, and export the data as a CSV file.


The Graphs section displays visual representations of your affiliate activity, including clicks, referrals, and earnings. You can view the data by day, week, month, or year.


The Referrals section displays a list of all the referrals you have earned, including the date, product, amount, and status of each referral. You can filter the data by date range, campaign, or status, and export the data as a CSV file.


The Visits section displays a list of all the visits generated by your affiliate URLs, including the date, URL, and status of each visit. You can filter the data by date range, campaign, or status, and export the data as a CSV file.


The Creatives section provides access to banners, graphics, and other marketing materials that you can use to promote Savvy Rest products and services. You can filter the materials by category, size, or product. You can also generate affiliate links for each creative, track clicks and referrals, and customize the code for each banner or graphic.

Earning Commissions

To earn a commission, customers must either click the Savvy Rest affiliate links on your site and—within 6 months—make a purchase through savvyrest.com OR write in your name/blog name in the “how did you hear about us” field during the online checkout.

If a customer uses your affiliate coupon code, this does NOT guarantee a commission due to coupon code websites (Coupon Birds, Knoji, etc.).

Commissions are calculated as follows:

15% for all full-priced items

10% for items that are 20% off or less

5% for items more than 20% off

5% for bedding bundle packages

If we are having a site-wide promotion* that does not involve an actual discount (ex: free bedding with the purchase of a mattress) the commission will be 10%.

NOTE: Commissions can be earned for Savvy Rest products only and must be a US order. Non-Savvy Rest products, such as the Oeuf crib, will not count towards a commission. Commissions will not be paid for personal purchases made by affiliates. Tax, White Glove Delivery, or any shipping charges will not count towards a commission. Commissions will not be paid for product samples. Commissions are paid via direct deposit (or PayPal if based outside the US) once a month. However, individual orders that lead to a commission totaling $500+ will be paid once that order ships.
TIP: Some of your customers may be new to the idea of organic mattresses. Regularly creating and displaying content specifically related to Savvy Rest mattresses—and what makes them unique—will increase your clickthroughs and commissions.

Product Images & Banners

As mentioned above, the use of images and other content specific to Savvy Rest can increase interest and commissions. Below are several branded banners that you are free to use on your website or social media accounts.  Each image is 300dpi and measures 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels.  To save, simply right- or Option-click and select “Save file as…”

“If you wish to use any other images on our website, please email liz@savvyrest.com.

For further imagery requests, please email liz@savvyrest.com and we’ll try to accommodate.

NOTE: Some images on savvyrest.com (such as many of those found in our blogs) have been purchased from third-party stock photography sites. For your protection, please only use the product images found on individual product pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Email liz@savvyrest.com.

Savvy Rest offers some of the best organic mattresses and bedding products in the industry, so we know your followers are going to appreciate the introduction. Educating your followers on the importance of sleeping organic will only positively benefit their health, because they’ll be ditching chemical flame retardants, synthetic materials, and cotton treated with pesticides.

We know that our affiliates truly care about organic products and healthy practices, and that the reason you all post is because of that genuine passion. We also recognize though that everyone has bills to pay! So I’m sure you want to earn a commission as often as possible.

The more you post about Savvy Rest on social media and link to us in your blog, the more likely your posts will turn into sales.

On average, a person needs to see/read about a brand SEVEN times before they feel ready to take action and purchase a product.

Update your followers on how you’re enjoying your Savvy Rest product, whether it’s a pillow or a duvet insert. Take photos, make Instagram stories, spread the love through your cozy recommendation. Show your followers why they should choose the organic life through our brand. This will greatly increase your chances of earning commissions.

We want you to succeed, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email liz@savvyrest.com.

Yes! If you’re interested in offering your followers a Savvy Rest coupon code, please email liz@savvyrest.com.

You may use content from savvyrest.com, including blog articles, provided that Savvy Rest is clearly identified as the source and a link is provided to the original article. If you create a new page that primarily features our content, a “rel=canonical” link is requested. 

Yes! Discount depends on the item(s) selected. This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Please note that affiliates who have not created Savvy Rest promotional content are not eligible for an affiliate discount. If you’d like to make a purchase, you must email liz@savvyrest.com.

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