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Savvy Rest latex exchange

How to Exchange Your Latex

Need to exchange a layer of latex? This video will show you how.

A Savvy Idea

Michael discusses the origins of the Savvy Rest design as he demonstrates with a mini mattress.

Dunlop and Talalay

Dunlop and Talalay Latex

There are key differences between Dunlop and Talalay. This short video explains how each can contribute to your comfort.

organic latex mattress foundations

Savvy Rest Mattress Foundations

Dominick explains the differences between our mattress foundations options.

how to assemble a platform bed insert

Assembling Your Platform Bed Insert

Dominick demonstrates how easy it is to assemble a Savvy Rest platform bed insert.

Savvy Rest Zenspring assembly

How to Assemble Your SerenitySpring Mattress

John and Liz show how easy it is to assemble the SerenitySpring mattress.

how to assemble savvy rest platform bed

Savvy Rest Esmont Platform Bed Assembly

Liz and Taylor demonstrate how to assemble an Esmont platform bed.

Savvy Rest benefit corporation

Savvy Rest is a B Corp!

Learn more about why we're proud to a B Corp.

organic cotton mattress pad

How To Tie a Mattress Pad

This trick will help you quickly and easily remove and launder your Savvy Rest mattress pad.

Savvy Rest review

A Customer Story

Molly R. explains how her Savvy Rest mattress alleviated her fibromyalgia pain.