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Lay on Talalay

If you’re still sleeping on toxic memory foam filled with chemicals that you can’t even pronounce, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s easy to get caught up in our daily activities and neglect the eight hours of sleep we should be getting every night. However, it’s important to not only think about how much sleep you’re getting but the quality of sleep and what exactly it is you’re sleeping on.

When choosing a mattress, most consumers simply think about how the mattress feels instead of asking a critical question: what is this mattress made of? You’ll be shocked to hear some of the answers.

Savvy Rest believes that mattresses should be both comfortable and safe, which is why our latex mattresses are customizable and GOTS-certified organic. Why should you have to choose between one or the other? That’s where Vita Talalay latex comes in—the natural, pillowy, comfy key to a healthy night’s sleep. Let me introduce you to your new best friend.

There are countless benefits to sleeping on Talalay latex. This natural, Cradle to Cradle Gold and Forest Stewardship Council certified material is often compared to angel food cake due to its responsive feel. Talalay is pressure relieving and especially recommended for side sleepers or people suffering from shoulder injuries or hip pain. There is a luxurious quality to Talalay due to its gentle, cradling effect. It’s truly for anyone looking to feel both comfortable and supported as they drift off to sleep.

Savvy Rest Talalay mattress layering
Our most popular all-Talalay layer configurations, shown here, suit a wide range of weights, sleeping positions and comfort preferences. Need help finding your perfect combo? Give us a call.

We often have customers tell us that their current memory foam mattress is causing them to overheat and sweat during the night. They then ask if our mattresses can cause this type of negative reaction and our answer is no. Our natural latex is very different from memory foam.

Talalay latex is known for its breathability which synthetic materials lack. Memory foam has a tendency of retaining your body heat. No one wants to feel like they are in a sauna when they’re just trying to get some shut-eye! Pure materials avoid that type of discomfort.


Amanda Jo, known as The Organic Bunny, sleeps on a Savvy Rest mattress with a top layer of Medium Talalay. Not only does she find the mattress to be super comfy, but she has also noticed positive health benefits:

“Coming from a [popular memory foam mattress], I really did not think Talalay latex could compare in comfort. However, my Savvy Rest mattress totally proved that it could be just as comfy, and it has helped me sleep much more soundly! I no longer suffer from allergic reactions while sleeping, something I think my old mattress was to blame for. I also sleep the entire night without waking up which is a major success!”

One of our very own employees, Taylor, has a similar appreciation for his Talalay mattress, especially since he dealt with some aches and pains prior to sleeping on a Savvy Rest:

“I’ve been sleeping on my Savvy Rest mattress for over a year and my back pain from football injuries is pretty much gone. My configuration is Soft Talalay, Soft Dunlop, Firm Dunlop. I sleep on my side and this configuration has helped my shoulder and collarbone pain as well. I think everyone should sleep on Talalay, even back sleepers. You can get a top layer of Medium Talalay if you want something a bit firmer.”

It’s one thing to read positive testimonials but it’s another thing to actually experience what these truly satisfied people are talking about! We hope that if you’re considering switching to an organic mattress, you give Savvy Rest and Talalay a chance. We’re proud of the products we offer and are fully confident in their ability to help people get the sleep they deserve.

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