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The Neglected Resolution

Lose weight? Check. Quit smoking? DOUBLE check. Exercise? Well, sure. Eat healthier? Of course!

These are typical (and important) New Year’s resolutions. There’s no time like the new year to re-commit to your health and well-being—that excitement can be a great kickstart for positive new habits. But, strangely, one thing that’s just as critical to your health seldom makes it onto New Year’s resolution lists.

Getting enough sleep.

A post-holiday sleep checkup

Think back over the last week or so. Chances are, it’s gone one of several ways:

  • You’ve had extra time with family, and you’ve had a chance to relax. You’ve been getting to bed earlier and savoring mornings without the alarm. And when you feel like dozing off after a leftovers lunch, nothing’s prevented you from taking a peaceful nap. Being rested feels so good.
  • You’ve had extra time with family and, unfortunately, it’s been so stressful that you’re more tense than ever. Getting through the holidays was a kind of frenzy and your nerves are shredded. So you’re hitting the year-end feeling haggard—and way short on sleep.
  • You’ve had to work through the holidays, and adding preparations and celebrations to your usual obligations has meant burning the candle at both ends and around the middle, too. You’ve had less sleep than ever, and you’re weary enough to wonder if it’s making you ill.

Rewriting the list

Any of these scenarios fit? One way or another your sleep has probably been a significant factor during the holiday season. So what better time than now to make better sleep your #1 New Year’s resolution?

Give it a try this year! Make regular, adequate, comfortable sleep a top priority…and you’ll find that every other health resolution you’re committing to will be much, much easier to keep. Consider making a new natural mattress a resolution, too. Creating a comfortable, safe sleeping environment will support your health all year long.

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