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5 Best Places to Sneak a Nap at UVA

Written by Liz, SRNB Charlottesville
The McGregor Room at UVA

Are you wandering around grounds in desperate need of a nap? You’re daydreaming of a Savvy Rest organic mattress but there isn’t one in sight. The horror! The horror!

It’s okay—there are plenty of places to take a quick yet satisfying nap at the University of Virginia. Here are my favorite five.

1. The McGregor Room

If you’re looking for total silence and an ambiance that resembles the beloved Hogwarts then this is your magical napping oasis. You can quite literally hear a pin (or wand) drop.

I have fond memories of cuddling up with a good book in the McGregor Room—flipping pages and feeling extra fancy surrounded by dark hardwoods and glowing lamps.

However, I also have a distinct memory involving a sugary treat. I made the mistake of bringing a Greenberry’s scone with me that involved a very, very crinkly bag. Not my best moment. There were judgmental stares (and rightfully so).

Snorers—beware. No heavy breathing or tossing and turning is allowed if you choose the McGregor room for your nap! Bring your organic body pillow to keep yourself in one place and you should be fine (but expect glares for taking up the whole couch).

Alderman Cafe at UVA

2. Alderman Cafe

Total silence freak you out? No worries—cozy up in one of the comfy armchairs at Alderman Cafe.

People will surely take an embarrassing photo of you and post it on Instagram but who cares? They just don’t understand the soothing sounds of the cappuccino machine.

If you’re someone who likes a little background noise and would love to get a shot of caffeine after your glorious nap, then this is your spot.

3. The Hallways of New Cabell

While I wouldn’t recommend falling asleep in class, the hallway is totally up for grabs, preferably while you’re stationary.

When I arrived too early for class (which happened more than I’d like to admit), I’d sit on the floor outside the classroom and enjoy a Bodo’s bagel. I wasn’t brave enough to nap in this heavily trafficked area so this option is for the more adventurous type.

Close your eyes, dream of your Nobel Peace Prize/Oscar/Grammy/whatever prestigious award you plan on bestowing after you walk the lawn and get some quality zzz’s because you’ve earned it.

Clark library at UVA

4. Clark Library (The Naked Room)

We just simply referred to it as “The Naked Room” when I was a student, and since I’m years out of school and can feel myself becoming less cool by the second, I’m not sure what the kids are calling it now (Oh man, I just referred to twenty-year-olds as “kids”).

Grab a cup of chamomile from Greenberry’s, snuggle on a sofa, admire the art of naked ancient people, and feel your eyes grow heavy.

Too front and center? There are plenty of more secluded spots on the first floor of Clark.

5. The Rotunda/Lawn

For the outdoorsy types, nap right on the rotunda steps. Feel those Jeffersonian vibes as you gaze on at Homer, the wind tickling your face while you drift to sleep.

Or you can lay out on the lawn, surrounded by pillows and curious lawnies. They’ll sit in their rocking chairs and observe you like the subject of an Anthropological study. You won’t care though. Why? Because you’re about to take a nap, that’s why.


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