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Dealer Manual

Not your average Dealer Manual—this comprehensive resource maximizes sales!

About Savvy Rest

Learn the story, philosophy and unique values behind the Savvy Rest brand.


Everything you need to know to create effective, customer-focused Savvy Rest displays.

Product Information

Detailed product descriptions—materials, specifications, dimensions and more.


Materials’ benefits, characteristics, and certifications—and how to explain them.

Selling Savvy Rest

Unique and very specific tips for selling this unique brand—they work!


Complete step-by-step instructions for placing your Savvy Rest orders.


Everything dealers and customers want to know about shipping and delivery options.


Don’t miss these proven, creative, budget-friendly ideas that many retailers overlook.

Dealer Responsibilities

Dealer Agreement, including responsibilities and required Customer Handouts.

Price Lists

The current Master Price List plus a Retail Price List to give to your customers.

Pricing Policies

Wondering how to advertise Savvy Rest? Look here first for clarity.

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