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Product Information

Product categories and product descriptions are on the Savvy Rest site. (Click each photo on category pages. Example: Click the “Serenity” photo on the Organic Mattresses page.) Details include materials, dimensions, and general specifications. All sales staff should learn Mattress Care Instructions, which include important information to prevent damage. Staff should also watch our mattress assembly videos (for our layered mattresses and the SerenitySpring) and read the Mattress Assembly Instructions printout customers will receive. (See Customer Handouts for other documents your customers will receive.)


Savvy Rest’s best-selling mattresses are the 3-layer Serenity or 4-layer Unity Pillowtop (Serenity with Harmony topper). The 2-layer Tranquility suits children, some smaller adults or those who prefer a thinner, firmer mattress.

The SerenitySpring is a customizable mattress containing one layer of Dunlop or Talalay latex and an 8-inch core of pocketed-coil springs.

The Pastoral is an organic-wool-filled, tufted 4.5” mattress. It suits people who can’t use latex or who enjoy wool’s dense but airy support. We recommend a coir bed rug beneath it.


A rigid foundation (or platform bed) is necessary, rather than a boxspring, under any layered Savvy Rest mattress or the Pastoral. A foundation looks like a boxspring only on the outside; it has strong, closely-spaced slats beneath its fabric. A foundation supports these mattresses correctly; otherwise they will sag. Layered or Pastoral mattresses not supported by a foundation or platform bed void Savvy Rest warranties. (See also Savvy Baby mattress note, above.)

A foundation fits the usual boxspring space in a bedstead or bed frame, and comes in two standard heights: 9” and 5” (low profile). Low-profile may be preferable for some beds, depending on bed design and mattress height. Mobility, pain issues, or stature may require a particular surface height. Remind customers to measure their existing bed (or boxspring) before choosing foundation height. Points to remember:

  • Foundations are not returnable.
  • A platform bed can support a Savvy Rest alone; no foundation is required.
  • A bed rug is porous and allows air circulation between the bottom of a mattress and a platform bed’s surface.
  • We also offer a platform bed insert.
  • Split Queen (two-piece) foundations are available. They ease moving into homes with narrow doorways or small stairwells (see Foundation Tips).
  • King and California King foundations are two-piece. 

Custom sizes

Custom-Sized Mattresses (Serenity, Unity Pillowtop, Tranquility; Harmony topper; Pastoral)

Item price: Customer purchases “next size up” for dimensions larger than a standard size. Example: For a 48” x 74” mattress (also called a “three-quarter”), order a Full (53” x 74”). The price is the Full price plus customization fee. Exception: A custom divided Queen (side-by-side half-Queens) does not require purchase of a King, but two TXLs. This is often used with a Queen adjustable base/foundation.

To order: Indicate CUSTOMIZED beside item on Purchase Order; include desired length and width. Finished height will be the standard height for that mattress.

No exchanges on custom-size jobs. Please note: Custom-size mattresses may have a 1″ variance.

Customization Fees

See Other Prices and Fees page in price list. Note: For unusual shapes or sizes larger than a King, customization must be quoted. Some will require a paper template.


Any Talalay layer wider than 40” will have a latex glue seam, off-center, from head to foot. Any Dunlop layer longer than 80” will have a seam across the foot. The maximum Dunlop width available without a seam is 78”. We never use glues that aren’t deemed safe. Finished products pass GREENGUARD Gold standards.


See Projected Ship Dates, Custom Sizes

NOTE: Latex Exchange Policy does not apply to custom sizes.

Custom-sized Foundations

Any length and width, and/or any height between 3” and 12” can be customized (5” and 9” are standard). For details and how to order: See Custom-sized Mattresses, above.

Custom-sized Pet Beds

Indicate required length and width (solid-core bed height is 3”). Order next size up from dimensions needed. Customization fee: $25 wholesale/$50 retail. Pet beds larger than a Large Savvy Doggy (37″ x 47″) must be quoted: contact Savvy Rest.


Toppers add softness and luxury to any mattress surface.

The Organic Savvy Woolsy topper is GOTS-certified organic. This is a duvet-style topper with an organic cotton cover and an overall thickness of approximately 3 inches. The Savvy Woolsy is filled with organic wool fiber, which offers extra comfort and dissipates excess heat. Elastic straps keep the topper in place.

The Natural Savvy Woolsy topper is a lower-cost alternative that is filled with natural, domestically sourced wool. The type of wool used is the only difference between these two products.

The Harmony topper is one latex layer (Dunlop or Talalay, usually Soft) in the Savvy Rest organic casing.

The Vitality topper is one layer of Soft Talalay in a soft organic knit casing, which allows close contact with the latex. It is a good alternative for those who like the responsive feel of memory foam. Points to remember:

  • Toppers are not split.
  • None of the toppers attaches to the mattress.



Customizable styles

Savvy Rest’s shredded latex, wool (wool bolus and wool fiber mix), wool-latex (wool and shredded latex mix), and kapok fiber pillows have a two-zipper design. They are intentionally overstuffed. To customize, consumers can open the outer casing, then open the liner’s corner zipper to remove fill and personalize the height and firmness.

Body Pillows

Savvy Rest’s organic body pillows are also customizable and come with an organic cotton sateen pillowcase. They are available in three sizes (15″, 17″ and 20″ width) and four fills (kapok, wool, wool-latex, and shredded latex). Body pillows help side sleepers keep their spine in alignment. We have several blog articles available on our website that discuss the health benefits of using a body pillow, from lessening tossing and turning to pressure point relief. Please Note: The 15″ body pillow is only available in kapok.

Talalay pillow

The most luxurious formed latex pillow, the Talalay offers soft, responsive support in a plush organic knit cover.

Mini pillow

This versatile little accent pillow (12 x 12) is available in wool or shredded latex fill; it is not customizable. It also works well for travel or for added back comfort anywhere.


This formed latex pillow has good breathability with deep air channels. It is the slimmest Savvy Rest pillow.


For some neck and shoulder problems in side sleepers, this formed latex pillow eases pain with extra neck support and head stabilization. It is medium firm.



Mattress pads

Both styles cover the top, not the sides, of the mattress. The quilted organic cotton pad is a traditional design. The wool pad resists moisture breakthrough; although moisture beads on its surface, the pad is not guaranteed waterproof. Both feature organic cotton corner ties (not elastic straps).


Bed rugs

This coir mat improves air circulation beneath a mattress placed on a solid surface, which decreases risk of mildew or mold. Recommend a bed rug for solid-platform beds.

Pet beds

Savvy Rest’s organic pet beds, the Savvy Doggy and Savvy Kitty, are made of the same natural latex used in our mattresses. They feature a washable organic cotton outer cover in Natural or Black, and either solid or shredded latex fill.

Platform beds

Platform beds come in many styles, including Savvy Rest’s own models, the Afton and the Esmont. Our platform beds are made in Central Virginia with sustainably sourced maple and poplar wood. No foundation is needed with one of our platform beds. A bed rug beneath any Savvy Rest mattress is recommended for beds with solid platforms.

We also offer a platform bed insert that is meant to replace a foundation or box spring. It is made with untreated maple and poplar wood and is available in 5, 7, and 9-inch heights.

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