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Selling Savvy Rest

Selling Savvy Rest

Top tips and best practices for selling Savvy Rest.

Selfless Selling

A selfless selling attitude is mindful of customers’ vulnerability. Introduce yourself, ask questions and listen. Selfless listening will transform your customer’s experience.

Educate them with a friendly, helpful approach–not pressure, hovering, or a “pitch.” Encourage them to get comfortable and while remaining near for questions, also let them relax alone to sense a configuration. Avoid focus on “closing;” focus on the individual’s needs. Some people take a few visits to decide. Happy enthusiasm is good; sensed anxiety is not. If they feel welcome and relaxed, they’re likely to return. “Release the outcome” is a helpful thought.

How To Show

Offer an intro such as, “I’d like to briefly explain the design before you lie down, will that be okay?” (Inviting their answer eases fears of a controlling “sales pitch.”) Take a few minutes to describe the two types of latex, benefits and differences, handing them samples. Offer a casing sample and briefly explain the benefits of wool batting. Next, unzip a corner of the casing and lift up layer corners to show them the core’s design and firmness labels. Explain that each display bed shows two configurations, but they can choose either solid or split layers. Mention the anti-motion-transfer benefit of split layers.

Offer to hang up coats, as outerwear interferes with sensing the mattress. Invite them to lie down and relax, reminding them to also try it on their sides. If a customer places a pillow well under the shoulders, offer to adjust it to support just the head. Refer them to the configurations placard by each bed and mention there’s no need to “memorize” layers. (It can feel stressful to customers to retain that information on the spot.) Show them the Popular Configurations handout and place it within reach. It’s better that they listen to their bodies rather than read, but some appreciate a visual aid.

Ask about comfort issues, such as hip or shoulder soreness or significant back problems. People may open up about other health or sleep problems they have. If a customer finds a particular pillow they like, encourage them to use that same pillow for the rest of their mattress testing experience since a pillow can heavily impact how overall comfort is perceived. Couples also enjoy (or need) private conversation as they try beds together. IMPORTANT: Tell them you’re glad to rearrange layers and that customization is key to the Savvy Rest layered design. Mention that the toppers add different types of surface softness. Remind them they’re never trapped by a “showroom selection” because the Latex Exchange policy allows three months to exchange layers (10%-12% of customers do). When asked, explain the Warranty.


For difficult-to-fit situations, Savvy Rest will do a speakerphone consultation with customer and dealer. Please place the call from your store with your customer present, rather than suggesting they call us. Your participation is good training and increases your ability to serve future customers.

Customizing Layers for Individuals, Pain Issues, and Couples


Every customer is an individual, and bodies are unique. The following scenarios (and these) are only a general guide. Start by observing their approximate height and weight and factor these into your thinking. There is usually more than one alternative. The customer’s own responses are the most important. Acknowledge when suggesting configurations for physical problems that you’re not “prescribing” like a doctor or physical therapist. But you can say that Savvy Rest has observed patterns over the years that may be helpful starting points.

When an individual reports more than one physical issue, try to determine the dominant cause of discomfort, and address your primary suggestions to that issue. A mattress surface can always be made softer with a Soft top layer, and/or a topper, but the core must not compromise adequate back support.

Pain Issues

This overview of common pain issues includes tips for helping customers choose configurations that may bring relief.

The most helpful thing in advising a person with back pain is to ask the following questions until you have clarified what their situation is.

Do you have nerve-related back pain, such as from a diagnosed disk problem or an old injury? Do you ever have sciatic pain–the kind that runs down your leg? If “Yes” to either, you can tell them:

  • Normally, a Harmony or Vitality topper or Soft top layer, though these feel wonderful in the store, may not offer you adequate back support over time. Firmer layers, usually Dunlop, are often a better choice.
  • If you’d still like a “cushy” feel, the Savvy Woolsy adds softness that is less likely to compromise back support.

Do you have not a nerve or disk problem, but back pain from muscle spasm? Do you mainly notice your back is aching in the morning on your current mattress, or after hard exercise? Tips to remember:

  • For muscle-related back pain caused or aggravated by a too-hard mattress, a topper or Soft top layer can offer relief.
  • People who weigh 200 pounds or more should generally avoid two Soft layers. If an individual in this weight range strongly prefers a very soft mattress, suggest a transition from Soft Talalay (topper or top layer) to Soft Dunlop (next layer), rather than two Soft Talalay. A better approach may be a Savvy Woolsy over a single Soft layer, with firmer layers immediately below.
  • For average-sized people, one Soft layer transitioning to a Medium (Dunlop or Talalay) relieves most muscular backache with good core support. The Harmony or Vitality allow a soft surface with nuanced gradation from, for example, Soft (Talalay, in the topper) to Soft (Dunlop) and then Medium and/or Firm Dunlop below (depending on weight and preference).
  • Firm is generally the best bottom layer. On occasion, a customer chooses Medium.

Ask about soreness or stiffness in the hips or shoulders, particularly in side sleepers. Many broad-shouldered men develop chronic shoulder stiffness. Elderly people often have painful arthritis in the hips. For both, a soft surface, whether created with a topper or a Soft top layer of latex, or both, can be very helpful. Take into account the person’s size and need for back support; two Soft layers may not be advisable.

A too-hard surface compromises capillary circulation. This is more frequent in heavier side sleepers but may occur in anyone. The answer is surface softness, achieved either through latex layers, toppers, or a combination of a soft top layer plus a Savvy Woolsy.


With split layers, there are as many possibilities for couples as for individuals, with one exception. When one person loves the Vitality on top or the Harmony (as in the Unity Pillowtop) and the other can’t tolerate that much softness, a compromise will work for some, but not all, couples.

Medium Talalay immediately below a topper permits a firmer core on one side for one partner, when the other wants things as “cushy” as possible (such as with a Harmony or Vitality over a Soft Talalay top layer). For the person who needs more support, Medium or even Firm Talalay as the top layer on her/his side can allow both to enjoy the topper.

When differences in a couple’s needs are very striking, two “side-by-side” or half-mattresses can be ordered. (Half-Queens are customized; half-Kings are Twin XLs.) This choice is often made for a split electric foundation (adjustable base) because its sides can move independently. When the bed is flat and made, it looks like any mattress.

Combining Talalay and Dunlop side by side in the same layer can create a soft but visible ridge down the center due to variance in manufacturing mold heights. Therefore, it’s normally not suggested. However, if a couple clearly understands that this ridge does not affect comfort or performance, this combination may suit them.


Some customers like learning that subtler degrees of firmness result from turning over any Dunlop layer, large holes up. Because Dunlop is denser on the bottom, that layer will then feel about a third firmer. Talalay feels the same top to bottom. The 90-day Latex Exchange period allows further fine-tuning when needed.


Offering budget-friendly financing can make a big difference to customers who hesitate over their purchase decision. See Financing for details on Savvy Rest’s program for dealers.


We avoid bashing competitors because negativity drags down our brand too. However, a few perspectives can be mentioned for customers who want to know how we differ from other companies. Our main competitors make conventional mattresses and memory foam mattresses. These are produced with chemicals that are harmful to human and environmental health.

Online dealers are next. Our dealers are local community members who invest their reputations in brands they carry. Apart from a few who carry small items only, no Savvy Rest dealers sell online exclusively. Online marketers can underprice retailers, but products can’t be quality matched, because manufacturers use different suppliers. Soft/Medium/Firm layers feel different from brand to brand. Savvy Rest’s casing material is custom made and our wool batting is custom produced.

Even head-to-head against companies that make and sell natural mattresses, the quality and value of our brand stand out. Our unique corporate values, mission, and commitment to service also distinguish Savvy Rest.

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