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Choosing a Mattress for Hip Pain, Back Pain, or Shoulder Pain

mattresses for back pain

If you experience back pain, it’s important to recognize the particular type you have. At Savvy Rest, we usually think of back pain in one of three ways: nerve-related back pain (from a disk problem or injury that causes nerve irritation in the spine), muscle aches or spasms, or pressure-related pain (such as over the tailbone, perhaps on a hard mattress).

Mattresses for Back Pain

If you wake up with morning back pain, your mattress may be sagging or have lost its initial responsiveness. Alternatively, it’s possible that your mattress isn’t appropriate for your body type.

For someone who has had a back-related injury, it’s important to choose stable, reliable support to prevent new pain or worsening chronic pain.

If you have frequent muscle and/or joint pain, normally increasing the degree of softness or cushioning on the mattress surface helps relieve pain. A mattress topper is a popular way to add a little extra pressure relief.

Mattresses for Hip Pain

Your hips bear most of your body’s weight when you are lying down, whether on your back or your side. If your hips are sore, you want to choose a mattress that is especially comfortable for this sensitive area. If the hip pain is worst in the mornings, this may indicate that your mattress is too hard or not responsive enough to allow for your hips’ natural curves. Sore hips need adequate support, but cradling pressure relief is just as important. To relieve hip pain, especially for side sleepers, a softer mattress surface will help tight muscles relax and relieve pressure.

If you already have a good-quality mattress but it’s too firm, and you’re aware of uncomfortable hip pressure, consider adding a soft mattress topper.

Mattresses for Shoulder Pain

When you’re asleep on your side, your shoulders bear the greatest portion of your torso’s weight (after the hips), so pressure points in the shoulders are common. On uncomfortable mattresses, people with broad shoulders often experience shoulder soreness or tingling arms from compressed circulation. A side sleeper with shoulder pain will do best on a plush (softer) mattress, as opposed to a firm mattress that doesn’t provide adequate pressure relief.

Pressure relief can come in the form of a soft memory foam or natural latex mattress. Health considerations aside, both foams can offer great pressure relief, but memory foam (made of polyurethane) has a worrisome reputation for chemical off-gassing with multiple side effects.

Your Next Mattress

Finding a mattress that will relieve your pain can be done. It may involve a little research and patient tryouts in mattress showrooms, but when you find the right mattress it can resolve years of unnecessary pain.

A customizable mattress allows you to choose up to four layers to find the perfect balance of pressure relief and support your body needs, throughout the depth of the mattress.

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