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A Savvy Idea

A Savvy Idea

Michael Penny, the founder of Savvy Rest, discusses the origins of the Savvy Rest design as he demonstrates with a mini mattress.

Video Transcription

This is the Savvy Rest mattress—or a sample of it—made in layers. And the way this particular mattress is made is with three 3” layers—Soft on top, Medium in the middle, and Firm on the bottom. And what I’m going to do is disassemble it and then reassemble it, the way I like it.

So as you can see we’ve got Soft on the top, Medium in the middle, and then Firm on the bottom. Now when I first designed this mattress, I did it because I knew there was no particular feel that was good for everyone. Some people like things firm, some people like things soft, and having taught yoga for so many years, I knew everyone is different, everybody is put together differently, everybody thinks differently, feels differently, and because their bodies are different, everybody sleeps differently.

And so there was never going to be one configuration that was going to work for everybody. And furthermore, I knew that people going into a showroom they didn’t know what they were going to like after lying down on something for a minute, or three minutes, or even fifteen minutes because when you’re lying down all night and your body is asleep and you’re not conscious of what’s going on so you really need to sleep on something for a few nights to know how it’s going to feel long term, night after night.

So the way I like my mattress is actually a lot softer than Firm, Medium, Soft. So the way I’m going to build this up is with Medium on the bottom, Soft in the middle, and Soft on top. Now, when you first put your mattress together you want to be sure that the bottom piece is in pretty perfectly because if you get the bottom piece in right then everything else will line up a lot easier…and it’s hard to work the bottom piece once you have the other pieces in. So that Medium piece is in there pretty good…here goes one soft. I’ll line it up there as best I can. So one thing that’s cool about this is that you can change it after you’ve experimented with it for a while. So you have plenty of time—three months—to change out layers. So, for example, if I had Firm, Medium, or Soft—I knew that would be too firm for me—I have 90 days to send back a Firm and get a Soft and build it up just the way I did right here.

There we go, just getting everything tucked in here on the top. And there we have it—Medium, Soft, Soft built just for me.

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