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What’s a “Hypoallergenic Mattress”?

what is a hypoallergenic mattress?

The term hypoallergenic is not regulated. You might find it in various product descriptions around the web, but such descriptions typically aren’t substantiated with medical science or backed by trusted certifications.

Another concern about these claims is that definition of hypoallergenic is very vague. Google defines hypoallergenic as “relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.” With such an open interpretation, companies can label mattresses “hypoallergenic” purely for the marketing benefits.

A healthier bedroom

The good news is that despite the ubiquity of unsupported “hypoallergenic” claims, you can still find products that will help you create the healthful sleeping environment you’re looking for.

Allergy encasements

Protect your mattress from dust mites, pet dander and bed bugs by sealing it inside a specially-woven casing that is made to block allergens. Savvy Rest’s mattress allergy encasement uses organic cotton fabric woven to 4.5 microns. This is a much smaller pore size than is required to prevent allergens. And it ensures that what is in, stays in (such as present dust mites or pet dander), and what wants in—stays out.

Low-VOC mattresses and bedding

Conventional mattresses contain a wide variety of toxic chemicals and flame retardants, many of which are unknown to consumers. But there’s a better alternative.

Consider buying a Savvy Rest GreenGuard GOLD-certified mattress. We use the finest organic and natural materials to create a customizable mattress fitted for each individual’s needs. Organic wool batting allows us to pass the federal flame test without the use of toxic chemicals. The wool is quilted inside smooth organic cotton which surrounds the essence of our mattresses—natural latex.

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