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Mattress Upselling, Upgrading & Misleading the Customer

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Some mattress companies unfortunately prioritize profit over quality and customer satisfaction.

So, are you being “up-sold”? Here are two sales tactics that you should avoid.

1. Mislead the customer.

It can sometimes be tricky to spot but if your sales associate cares more about selling you something than actually finding a mattress that fits your needs, then run away!

If you’re truly looking for an organic mattress, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping…

  • A “natural mattress” isn’t always natural. Manufacturers of petroleum-based mattresses can say theirs is a natural mattress because petroleum comes from the ground. Others say they have a “natural latex mattress” because 50% of the core material is “natural latex.” There’s nothing wrong with the term “natural mattress” but you have to do your homework to make sure it’s truly natural and not just “kind-of-sort-of natural.”
  • Some companies say they use “all-natural wool” or “pure wool” or “eco-wool.” This may lead you to believe that they do not use chemicals in processing the wool. When in doubt, go with certified organic wool or if it’s labeled as “natural,” ask the company if it has been processed with any harmful chemicals.
  • Another tricky label is “organic cotton and wool”. Phrased this way, it implies that the mattress contains organic cotton fiber (and/or fabric) and organic wool. Make sure you check with the company to confirm that both the cotton and wool are indeed certified organic.

2. Up-sell or upgrade the customer.

Up-selling is a sales technique some retail companies use in order to increase their income-to-advertising ratio. The philosophy is, they have spent their advertising money to get you in the store, so once you’re there, they might as well sell you something more expensive than what you really need.

Look for a company that genuinely hears and focuses on what you’re looking for!

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