Wool Pillow

Natural wool in an organic cotton casing

This pillow is filled with cozy natural wool and is perfect for those who "sleep hot" since wool helps stabilize temperature.

  • Wool fiber is a natural insulator (from heat or cold) and improves air flow.
  • Wool promotes moisture evaporation for drier comfort.
  • Pillow is intentionally overestuffed so you can create your own personalized fit.
  • Unzip the inner and outer casings and remove any amount of fill for your perfect height and density.
*Mini: Length 12", Width 12"
Standard: Length 25", Width 17"
Queen: Length 28", Width 18"
King: Length 35", Width 18"
(Measurements are approximate. *Mini pillow is not customizable.)
Note: Ships directly, normally within 7 days. For details see Shipping & Delivery.