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Beauty Sleep: A Natural Necessity

Life can be incredibly hectic and is often filled with both great triumphs and unexpected setbacks. We’re running around from one excellent adventure to the next and sometimes lose track of our own health. It’s easy to do when you have others to worry about, like kids or in my case, a ridiculously cute dog who is basically human. We can’t allow ourselves to forget about our well-being for too long though because healthy practices lead to greater performance in our daily activities. We need to concentrate, have energy and hey, we also want to look good! No one wants bags under their eyes and an exhausted look on their face that resembles a terrifying zombie more than an actual full-of-life person! Sleep is seriously better than any blush or bronzer you can find. Why? Because a good night’s sleep gives you a natural glow as well as a positive outlook when starting off your day. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Facing the Statistics

40% of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep every night, a statistic that we shouldn’t be thrilled about. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 45% of Americans reported feeling negatively impacted by insufficient sleep in a 2014 study, having felt the uncomfortable effects of a bad night’s sleep at least once in a seven-day period. In the same study, 20% of those surveyed said they did not feel rejuvenated nor refreshed when they woke up throughout the entire week. Nothing screams “I’m ready to take on the world” like morning fatigue, stress and irritability! Yay!

This lack of a healthy sleep pattern has its consequences, both in terms of physical and emotional well-being. Squeezing in at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night is critical, so why do we sometimes act like it should be last on our priority list?

sleep is beautiful

Sleep is Beautiful

The term “beauty sleep” actually has some truth behind it. No, you’re not necessarily going to wake up resembling a Disney Princess with your hair looking just right and the perfect ball gown just magically appearing in front of you as if Anna Wintour herself picked it out with you in mind. You will however feel optimistic and energized with a good night’s sleep and your skin and hair can certainly reap the benefits from this.

Sleep has all sorts of cosmetic benefits, such as a higher rate of collagen production and increased blood flow which gives your skin a more youthful and bright complexion. Sleeping charges your body’s “battery” in a way. Without giving yourself that charge, existing skin conditions could continue to worsen due to inflammation of your skin cells.

And let’s not forget your hair! Did you know that a lack of sleep and too much stress can increase hair loss? Obviously we lose hair when we shampoo or use a brush but excess hair loss? No, thank you. If sleep can help prevent that then that’s the perfect excuse to get enough shut eye. Taking care of ourselves is so incredibly important but how can we be our own cheerleader and encourage ourselves? First, we’ve got to tackle stress.

Go Away, Stress

Okay, so maybe stress can’t disappear completely but it’s important to acknowledge our stress in an attempt to alleviate some of its side effects, like poor sleep for one! Stress can cause all sorts of issues, from nausea, to migraines, to anxiety attacks. Stress can keep you tossing and turning at night, blaming yourself for everything you failed to accomplish during the day. But that tossing and turning isn’t doing you any good. It’s upsetting, distracting and overall, unhealthy.

sleep can reduce wrinkles and improve health

What You Can Do

Getting into the habit of a bedtime routine can help you feel more at ease before shutting your eyes. It can also help you kiss those dark circles and wrinkles goodbye for a more rejuvenated you. Start introducing natural massage oils or organic face masks into your nighttime routine. They are calming and will nourish your skin with all sorts of vitamins and healthy ingredients. We sometimes associate our beauty routine with mornings only but nighttime routines are just as important, if not more important, because they can help you get into that relaxing and peaceful state of mind that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Not into skincare? Meditate or do yoga. Close your eyes, breathe and calm your nerves. Push away all your worries from the day because you have no room for them in your bedroom. Your bedroom needs to be a happy and safe space. For more tips, definitely make sure to check out our blog, 5 Ways to Promote Restful Sleep.

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On a Final Note

Exterior beauty isn’t everything. There is no such thing as perfect skin or perfect hair and even if there were, that doesn’t automatically lead to happiness. Feeling healthy with enough energy and enthusiasm to take on your day is truly beautiful. We all want to live life to the fullest and that means taking care of ourselves. Listen to your body and your mind. Don’t let exhaustion and stress control your life. Get the sleep you deserve and if you need a little help, let us know. Perhaps there’s an organic body pillow or customizable mattress in your future!

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