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A Letter to our Customers

We’ve Lowered Our Prices

To all of our wonderful customers,

Today we have some very exciting news to share but first, we wish to talk about our mission and why we started this company.

Why We Started Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest was founded on the desire to bring comfortable, customizable, and healthy sleep to a population that had very few options at the time. We’ve long been a leader in the organic mattress industry and have invested heavily in our community, our employee-owners, and in new products and initiatives to ensure that we have a lasting positive impact for generations.

Over the last few years, the mattress industry has changed significantly. While we have gone through expensive certification efforts to ensure that many of our finished products are certified organic to the GOTS standard, other manufacturers have bypassed these crucial steps. Some companies offer mattresses with one or two organic materials, while others offer absolutely none.

We’ve strived to build trust with our customers by undertaking these rigorous efforts and focusing on transparency. While every business, of course, must be profitable in order to be successful and sustainable, we believe true success can be achieved without sacrificing the quality and purity of our products, nor the health and satisfaction of our customers.

We recognize everyone needs to do their own research and make the best selection for his or her needs when shopping for a mattress. But we also feel a responsibility to do what we can to make our certified organic products more easily accessible for those looking to make their home a natural, safe, and comfortable space.

The Big News

So, today, we have a gift for all of you. Many Savvy Rest products—including our most popular organic mattress—now have reduced pricing. Making this change requires some hard work on our part as well as a shared vision with our dedicated dealers, but we know many of you would love to own a Savvy Rest mattress if it only fit into your budget. We hope these price reductions make it so you don’t have to sacrifice customization or certifications when shopping for a mattress.

We’re excited to start this new chapter and distribute our products at more affordable pricing for many years to come. From all of us at Savvy Rest, thank you for supporting our brand and our passion for natural living. We appreciate each and every person who has been part of our company’s story.


Savvy Rest

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