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Mattresses for Children

Choosing the best configuration

When customers begin to find out what is in conventional mattresses, they think of themselves and their family. Sometimes folks think of their children first, sometimes themselves first. It often depends on whether or not someone in the family is having a physical reaction.

In any case we are often asked what the best configuration for children is.

There are some simple facts about young children and natural latex mattresses that we think apply universally:
1. Children grow, and what they need at the age of 16 may be different from what they need at 6.
2. Latex mattresses have a long history of lasting 20 years and longer.
3. Children's bodies are soft at least until the age of 8 or 9.
4. Most children up to that age, especially girls, prefer a soft mattress. Most young kids will say, "The softer, the better."
5. Also most kids are excited by anything new, even if it's not their first choice at a young age.

Therefore, it makes sense to us to purchase the organic mattress that your child will need at the age of 16. So if you think your little boy will be a linebacker on a college football team or a big home run hitter, you'll want a firmer and more supportive mattress for him than what you'll want for your little girl who will peak at about 5'4" and 115 pounds.

If you buy an organic Serenity, the big boy at 16 years old might prefer:
Soft on Top
Medium in the Middle
Firm on the Bottom

A little girl is more likely to prefer:
Soft on Top
Soft in the Middle
Medium on the Bottom

If you buy an organic Tranquility, the boy might prefer:
Soft on Top
Firm on the Bottom

Your little girl would be ok at age 16 with:
Soft on Top
Medium on the Bottom

The key in choosing is to know that they will be 16 one day, even though it may be hard to imagine now. We recommend that you look at yourselves, know that your children will be physically a lot like you, and configure your mattresses that way.