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How to Choose a Latex Mattress for Children

At Savvy Rest, we believe in the importance of organic products, especially mattresses! We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so mattresses should be made with natural and healthy materials that are free from harmful offgasing.

Children should sleep on a mattress that’s both supportive and safe, and we have plenty of options!

Natural Latex Mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are incredibly durable (they typically last for many years) so they will support your child as they grow throughout Elementary School and into their teenage years.

Unlike memory foam, natural latex will not retain body heat so it helps keep your child cool as they sleep.

Choosing a Mattress for your Child

The key in choosing is to know that your child will be 16 one day, even though it may be hard to imagine now. So, you’ll want a mattress that will support them throughout their different stages of development.

We tend to recommend a firmer mattress overall for a child and may ask you for the current age, weight, and expected growth of your child to help identify the best mattress for their needs.

Here are some popular Savvy Rest mattress options…


The Earthspring is a popular choice for children because it’s both economical and supportive. It’s made of recycled Bonnell springs, a layer of Soft Dunlop latex, natural coir (coconut fiber blended with latex) and encassed in organic cotton and organic wool. It has a medium-firm feel overall but still has a little bounce! 


This is our most popular all-latex mattress and is a great option for all ages. The Serenity is completely customizable, so you can choose which type of latex (Dunlop or Talalay) and density (Soft, Medium, or Firm) you want for all three layers of the mattress. 

Medium Dunlop on top, Soft Dunlop in the middle, and Firm Dunlop on bottom will offer firm support for your child. Down the road as your child gets older and wants something a little softer, just unzip the mattress and swap the top and middle layers so that the Soft Dunlop is now on top. You’ve got a whole new feel without having to buy a whole new mattress!


There are a total of two latex layers in the Tranquility mattress, making it a lower-profile (and more affordable) all-latex option. A popular configuration for a child is Soft Dunlop on top and Medium Dunlop on bottom. This configuration has a touch of softness while still offering plenty of support.


The SerenitySpring is a combination of natural latex and individually encased wrapped coils. This mattress was designed with affordablity in mind but still offers customization. A popular configuration for a child is Soft Dunlop over Firm springs, creating a medium-firm feel.


Similar to the SerenitySpring, the TranquilitySpring also contains a layer of latex and wrapped coils. However, it is a lower-profile with a total height of 8″ (the SerenitySpring is 12″). A popular option for toddlers and small children is Medium Dunlop over Firm springs. However, if your child is already a teenager, we recommend Soft Dunlop over Firm springs instead.

Learn more about Savvy Rest organic mattresses.

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