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Pregnant? A Natural Mattress Matters

If you’re pregnant and searching for a new mattress, this blog post is for you.

Learn about the importance of organic materials and various mattress options that will keep you supported and comfortable both during and after your pregnancy.

Organic & Natural Materials

When mattress shopping, look for organic and natural materials. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping so we don’t want to breathe in harmful chemicals from our mattress.

  • An organic latex mattress is beneficial for a few reasons…
  • GOTS-certified organic mattresses do not include formaldehyde, pesticides, or chemical flame retardants.
  • Typically organic wool is used as a natural flame barrier
  • Unlike memory foam, natural latex does not “sleep hot” since it’s very breathable.

A Firm Mattress During Pregnancy

It’s recommended that pregnant women sleep on a medium/firm mattress. It shouldn’t be so soft that you’re sinking into the mattress and having a difficult time turning and repositioning yourself during the night. However, it shouldn’t be so firm that you’re not getting enough pressure point relief while sleeping on your side.

A customizable mattress will allow you to have control over the firmness level.

The Serenity is Savvy Rest’s most popular latex mattress and includes three layers of latex or six half layers if you wish for each side of the mattress to differ. This is super helpful for couples!

A Low-Profile Mattress

The Serenity mattress has a total height of 10” so if you want something that has a lower-profile, The Tranquility is a great option. This mattress has two layers of latex (or four half layers) and has a total height of 7”. It is also completely customizable.

Best Mattress Topper for Pregnancy

As previously stated, you don’t want your mattress to be too soft. However, if you really want a topper, The Savvy Woolsy adds a hint of plush softness without that sinking feeling.

This topper is available in both natural and certified organic options.

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