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5 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

There’s no denying that soft and cozy pajamas are a great comfort when you’re winding down from a long and stressful day but studies show that something else is just as amazing or maybe even better: sleeping naked.

Here are five reasons why you should shy away from your usual ensemble tonight and opt for your birthday suit.

1. You’ll Sleep Better

I have to start here since this is what Savvy Rest is all about—quality sleep! Your body cools down when you get rid of those extra layers which creates a more conducive environment for sleep. You’re less likely to wake up with night sweats when you’re not wearing a bulky top or flannel pants.

The ideal sleep temperature for your bedroom is 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some may not want to jack up their A/C bill during the summer so sleeping naked is certainly a cost-effective solution. It can lead to a deeper sleep and a more well-rested you.

2. It’s Great For Your Skin

You’re wearing restrictive (and sometimes uncomfortable) clothes throughout the day so it’s important that your skin breathes in the evening. A healthy eight hours of sleep allows plenty of time for your skin to rejuvenate.

Not only does your body release melatonin at night but it also releases growth and anti-aging hormones. If your body temperature is too high, less hormones will be released which means less benefits for your skin!

It makes sense—when you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep, you wake up with puffiness and bags under your eyes. If you’re too busy tugging at your tank top or feeling overheated, you won’t get the sleep you need nor the glowing morning skin you crave. Everyone wants to say “I woke up like this” and actually look decent, right?

Sleeping naked is good for you skin

3. You’ll Feel Less Stressed

When you sleep naked, your cortisol levels decrease since your body has an easier time cooling down and finding that comfortable sleep temperature.

Sleeping naked allows you to feel more relaxed. Your blood pressure decreases instead of the unsettling alternative of feeling anxiety-ridden. Your body essentially tells itself that it’s time to take a break and that there isn’t any room for all your daily worries.

Increased cortisol levels can also lead to excess body fat from stress eating. If you never allow yourself to relax and fail to get an adequate amount of sleep, you may see unhealthy changes in your diet. There are countless health consequences that stem from stress so if sleeping naked can prevent even just a few of them, it’s worth it.

4. You’ll Have Less Laundry

The Laundry Monster is already big and scary enough between our tops, pants, shorts, dresses, bras, sports bras, bralettes (how many bras do we have?), socks and underwear. Sleeping naked allows you to have a little less laundry and when you have less laundry, you use less energy! So, you could say that sleeping naked is eco-friendly, right?

5. It’s A Natural Confidence Boost

Sleeping naked is quite the intimate thing—you force yourself to become acquainted with your body. This type of vulnerability though can be a healthy change in your life.

It’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin and to embrace the body you’ve been given. Who knows, maybe after a few days you’ll be parading around your bedroom in total naked bliss, completely in awe of how incredible it feels to just be you.

The moral of the story is to be just as naked and natural as our organic products. 

You don’t have to get rid of your sleepwear entirely. Go ahead and lounge in them while you’re watching a movie or writing the next great American novel (one can dream). When it’s time to actually get some zzz’s in though, try putting your pajamas away for the evening. Sleep well!

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