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What is Cradle to Cradle?

Cradle to Cradle is a globally recognized certification that analyzes the purity and environmental impact of materials and products.

Quality and safety are the most important factors to Savvy Rest when deciding which products we should offer our customers.

The Talalay latex we use from Vita Talalay by Radium Foam is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified.

Know Your Mattress Materials

  • Composition
  • Sourcing
  • Certifications
  • Safety 

It’s been formally acknowledged through the Cradle to Cradle certification process that our Talalay latex is safe and natural. 

There is currently no such thing as organic Talalay but the Cradle to Cradle standard is certainly comparable to standards pertaining to organic certifications. In fact, Cradle to Cradle Gold goes above and beyond some of the requirements related to organic products. Every aspect of the latex is assessed and tested to make sure it’s indeed safe.

Savvy Rest also completes independent lab testing with Associated Laboratories.

Reutilization of Materials

Plenty of companies use materials and create products that cannot be recycled or reused in any way. Instead, they just sit in landfills or find their way to our oceans.

Vita Talalay avoids this by going back to nature and embracing the ideas and principles associated with farming and agriculture. They focus on the importance of sustainability and reutilization rather than wastefulness.

Savvy Rest itself embodies this ethical practice through our mattress recycling program. When we deliver a mattress to customers near our Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom locations, we take their old mattress off their hands for free and recycle as much of it as possible.

what is cradle-to-cradle?

Proper Use of Energy and Water

In 2015, Radium Foam upgraded to a new and more efficient water system. The water that they use to clean their products is filtered for reuse.

Also, Vita Talalay does not put carbon back into the environment when manufacturing their products. Therefore, there is nothing synthetic or damaging in the manufacturing process nor in the actual product itself. Cradle to Cradle expects those who are certified to use green energy when producing materials so that the energy is “positive” rather than “neutral.”

Social Fairness

In order to achieve Cradle to Cradle Gold status, a company must also practice social fairness with their employees and benefit the community in some way. Employees must be treated fairly and earn appropriate wages.

Beyond the company itself, Vita Talalay embodies their values and passion for people and the environment by helping to protect rainforests and wildlife. CO2OL Tropical Mix is a Gold Standard forestry project in Panama whose purpose is to “combine sustainable timber and cocoa production with the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem restoration.” The project creates jobs and aids the environment and animals who depend on these rainforests to survive.

Savvy Rest encourages community giving as well. In fact, we’re an employee-ownedBenefit Corporation. We believe a successful business doesn’t simply focus on profit but also their employees, the community and the environment. Our products are environmentally friendly and benefit the health of our customers through the use of safe, durable and supportive materials.

what does cradle-to-cradle mean?

The Bottom Line

Cradle to Cradle Gold is a certification that takes an incredible amount of dedication to achieve due to the strict standards a company needs to meet.

Savvy Rest only sells quality, safe products that meet our high expectations and Cradle to Cradle is a perfect example of just how serious we are about these types of requirements.

We hope you browse our website and learn more about our oraganic products that can positively impact your health and home.

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