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Mattress Care Instructions

DO NOT MACHINE WASH any component of the mattress casing. Although the tops of our customizable mattresses (Serenity, Unity Pillowtop, Tranquility) can be removed, this design is in order to accommodate rearranging latex layers. Washing organic cotton and organic wool (which is quilted inside the cotton fabric) will normally lead to shrinkage.

DO VACUUM the mattress casing now and then with the vacuum cleaner’s hand attachment.

Spot Cleaning

FIRST TRY sponging the area with a sponge dampened with a cold water and mild natural soap solution. Do not saturate. Air dry thoroughly.

FOR SEVERE STAINS, run a cold water and mild natural soap solution through just the soiled area of the casing until clean (customizable mattress casings only). Press water out of the casing; repeat as needed. Do not wring or twist the casing (“agitated” wool fibers lock together more tightly, which equals shrinkage). Line dry or dry flat until thoroughly dry before reassembling.

DRY CLEANING is not recommended. We cannot warranty that the mattress casing will not shrink.

Airing Out

USE SUNLIGHT AND AIR to periodically freshen the top of your mattress casing; you can lay removable casings over a railing or on a blanket in the sun. PLEASE NOTE that this applies to the casing only: latex layers should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

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