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Assembly & Care

Mattress Assembly

Assembling a Savvy Rest organic mattress* is quite simple. To see how, watch our mattress assembly video or read the assembly instructions below.

*Note: Pastoral and Earthspring mattresses do not require assembly.

Mattress Care

Caring for your Savvy Rest organic mattress is easy and straightforward. See our care instructions below.

Pillows Customization & Care

Savvy Rest’s loose-fill pillows are intentionally overstuffed. The zippered outer and inner casings allow complete customization to the ideal height and firmness. Personalizing your pillow is easy; just follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Savvy Rest assembly

Mattress Assembly

Getting started with your new mattress.

Care Instructions

Important tips on caring for your new mattress.

customizable organic pillow

Pillow Customization & Care

Instructions for personalizing and caring for your Savvy Rest pillow.

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