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Mattress Assembly

Below the video you’ll find complete assembly instructions for your Savvy Rest organic mattress.

Need some help assembling your Savvy Rest layered mattress? Dominick and Windy demonstrate on a Serenity mattress.

Mattress Assembly Instructions

Before You Begin

You may notice a subtle “rubber” scent. If you are sensitive to scents, we recommend the following: Remove the latex from the boxes and assemble in the casing. Leave the zippered top portion off the mattress to air out. Zip on the top portion of the casing when ready to sleep on your mattress.

To Assemble

  • Open the box that includes the casing first (it will be labeled).
  • Spread out the casing on the platform or foundation; the zipper-stop goes at the foot of the bed.
  • Unzip the casing top and set it aside.
  • Look for labels on the boxes: Soft, Medium, or Firm.
  • Open the box containing your base layer or half layers.
  • Tip the box onto the bed—this is easier than trying to pull the contents out.
  • The latex layers will include labels on the foot of each layer specifying the density and latex type.
  • Lay your base layer or half layers into the casing.
  • Fit the layer or half layers to the corners of the casing.
IMPORTANT: Do NOT pull the latex, as it may tear. Shake the latex into place with a gentle wave motion.
  • After the first layer(s) is in, grasp the casing edges at several points and tug the casing (NOT the latex) to remove any slack in the fabric underneath.
  • Lay the second and third layers into the casing, remembering which piece goes on which side.
  • Shake and reposition until edges are even with the edges of the layer below. Make sure the layers meet in the middle if you have ordered a split configuration.
  • Zip on the casing top slowly. Tuck in latex as you go; avoid catching edges in the zipper.

Please Note

  • If a layer appears longer than the layer below it, this is normal. This is not a cutting or sizing error; the latex has simply stretched during transport. Recompress the layer by repeating the wave motion multiple times from different spots, working around and “aiming” the wave toward the center. The casing will fit snugly when you are done.
  • The casing is NOT washable or dry-cleanable! Use a mattress pad to protect your mattress. We offer a wool mattress pad, as well as an organic waterproof mattress protector.
  • Your mattress needs to “breathe.” Set it on a slatted platform bed, platform bed insert or foundation.
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