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Organic Mattresses for Kids

When searching for a mattress for your child, you should always think about materials. At Savvy Rest, our organic mattresses are made of certified organic cotton, certified organic wool, and natural latex because we believe mattresses should be both safe and comfortable.

It’s important that your child’s mattress is free of chemical flame retardants, polyurethane foam, and synthetic fabrics. We also recommend that children have an overall firmer mattress. The beauty of our organic mattresses is that most are customizable so you can always soften the mattress later on if you choose. And each features our certified organic mattress casing made with organic cotton and organic wool.

Here are the mattresses we recommend for kids.


While the Earthspring is not customizable, it’s still an incredibly popular choice for children due to its medium-firm feel, natural materials, and lower price point. And it’s bouncy!

The Earthspring is an innerspring mattress that includes Bonnell springs, a 3″ layer of Soft Dunlop latex, and coir (coconut fiber blended with natural latex).


Twin: $999
TXL: $1,099
Full: $1,399

organic innersprings for children
The Earthspring is made with natural and organic materials yet offers a traditional, bouncy feel.


The Serenity is our most popular mattress for all ages. It’s made with three layers of natural latex. Choose between Soft, Medium, and Firm layers of Dunlop and/or Talalay latex.


Twin/TXL: $1,599 as shown
Full: $2,299 as shown

organic latex mattress for kids
This configuration is perfect for kids because it offers firm support. You can eventually take that Soft Dunlop layer and place it on top if your child wants a softer feel. No need to buy a whole new mattress!


The Tranquility is also customizable but comes with only two layers of latex instead of three. This is an excellent option if you’d like to purchase an all-latex mattress at a slightly lower price point.


Twin/TXL: $1,399 as shown
Full: $1,799 as shown

organic mattress options for children
This mattress has a touch of softness while still offering reliable support.


The SerenitySpring is a combination of natural latex and individually-wrapped coils. This mattress was designed with affordability in mind yet still offers the benefits of customization.


Twin/TXL: $1,399 as shown
Full: $1,799 as shown

organic innerspring mattresses for kids
This mattress has a medium-firm feel while the wrapped coils add a bit of bounce.


The TranquilitySpring is a lower profile version of the SerenitySpring mattress. It has a total height of 8″. This is currently our most affordable customizable mattress and is suitable for both kids and smaller adults.


Twin: $1,099 as shown
Twin XL: $1,199 as shown
Full: $1,599 as shown

organic latex mattresses for kids
This configuration is great for toddlers and growing children. Larger kids and teens may appreciate Soft Dunlop instead of Medium.
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