A Sturdy Foundation, A Comfortable Sleep

If you have a conventional bedstead or a metal bed frame, you need a foundation which is placed in the bedstead. We recommend three-quarter inch slats that are spaced 2.5" to 3" apart. We sell our own mattress foundation that is enclosed in an organic cotton casing. You can choose the standard height of 9” or a low-profile height of 5".

Platform Bed Inserts

Alternatively, we offer an unupholstered, easy-to-assemble option for supporting your latex mattress. Our platform bed insert is made of solid hardwood and fits easily within any traditional bedstead.

Platform Beds

You can also choose to use a platform bed. We offer our two models.

The Afton

The Afton will not only look beautiful in your bedroom but it will also support you as you sleep soundly. If you are searching for something simple yet elegant then this platform bed is a fantastic option. Our Virginia woodworkers use maple to create the sturdy posts, rails, and legs. The Afton includes closely-spaced poplar slats so that your Savvy Rest mattress will sit on a surface that allows it to breathe—air flow is key! We value the importance of durability and quality so the Afton is made to last for generations. We also encourage creativity and personal style so it is available in different stains. Here’s an added bonus: you won’t need any tools to assemble it. You’re welcome!

The Esmont

The Esmont is our newest addition to the platform bed family. It includes a collapsible and customizable maple headboard. The headboard can be arranged in two ways—ladder-back style or a solid panel. The same stains that are available for the Afton are also available for the Esmont. Tools are not required for assembly so this unique, Virginia-made platform bed is easy to set up! You can ditch the stress and simply enjoy!

We sell the Esmont headboard separately for those who want to add the upgrade to their Afton. Visit the Esmont page and select either Headboard Only or Headboard Only (with inserts & hardware).

We can help you with that! Our one-inch natural bed rug is made with coconut fiber (coir) and natural latex. It is placed between your mattress and foundation to promote necessary air circulation.