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Choose Your Non-Toxic Pillow

Searching for the perfect pillow is never easy, but you can make the process a lot simpler when you choose to only consider non-toxic pillows. Avoiding memory foam, polyester, and other synthetic materials is healthier for both you and the planet.

Why Go Organic?

  • No more breathing in harmful chemicals
  • Cotton not treated with pesticides
  • Voting for responsible manufacturing practices
  • Supporting organic farmers
  • Supporting small businesses
  • Utilizing natural resources for comfort
  • Adding an eco-friendly product to your lifestyle

Customizable Comfort

There’s a misconception that organic and natural products aren’t as effective as mainstream options, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Organic makeup can be super pigmented and last all day.

Natural skincare can leave you with a super smooth complexion.

And a non-toxic pillow can be the most comfortable and durable pillow you’ve ever had.

Savvy Rest offers customizable pillows, a truly unique feature with exceptional results. This means that you can unzip the inner casing and take out as much of the pillow fill as you’d like.

Customization allows you to adjust the height and overall feel of the pillow, turning it into your perfect sleeping aid made just for YOU!

Healthy & Organic Materials

Organic Cotton: Our unbleached, organic cotton pillowcases are luxuriously soft.

Organic Wool: Wool is a natural temperature regulator that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our organic wool pillow has a firmer feel overall.

Natural Latex: Our shredded latex pillow is a blend of the Dunlop and Talalay latex we use in our organic mattresses. We also carry three formed latex pillows: one that has Talalay latex, and two with Dunlop latex (Soap-Shaped and Contour).

Organic Kapok: Kapok is the softest pillow fill we offer. It’s the perfect plant-based alternative to a fluffy down pillow. 

A body pillow can help you align your spine and get the natural, comfortable sleep you need.
Choose from eight styles of Savvy Rest organic pillows to complete your natural bed.

Side Sleeper? Try a Body Pillow, too!

All our customizable pillows are also available as body pillows! These long pillows help relieve pressure points and keep your spine aligned as you sleep on your side.

Not sure which body pillow is right for you? We can help.

Happy shopping!

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