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Is My Pillow Toxic? Sleeping Safe & Sound

When shopping for a pillow, it’s important to look for organic and natural materials. If your pillow is off-gassing harmful chemicals from synthetic foam or your skin is coming into contact with chemically-treated materials, you’ll be exposed to this for hours every night.

Luckily, you don’t have to rest your head on a toxic pillow. There are plenty of other options that are both safe and comfortable.

Is your pillow toxic? Keep reading to find out.

Pillow Chemicals & VOCs

If you’re sleeping on a polyurethane or memory foam pillow, you may want to reevaluate.

Unlike natural latex which derives from rubber tree sap, these synthetic foams are man-made and may be off-gassing harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene. You can learn more about memory foam here.

Beyond the pillow fill, the outer casing itself may be treated with bleach, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals that you are touching and breathing in. Just because a casing is 100% cotton, doesn’t mean the cotton is free of toxins.

These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can linger in your home and can be linked to not only pillows but mattresses, furniture, paint, flooring, and more.

Organic Pillows & Natural Materials

Opting for an organic pillow made of natural materials is a healthy, eco-friendly choice (and you won’t have to sacrifice comfort either).

Sleeping on an organic pillow means saying goodbye to toxic chemicals. Instead, you’ll be supporting a company that utilizes the planet’s natural resources to create safe and cozy products.

Whether you prefer the plush softness of organic kapok or the cool breathability of organic wool, there is a natural pillow for you.

Allergy Covers

If you’re someone who is particularly sensitive to allergens, we recommend a pillow allergy cover. The special weave blocks the entry of dust mites, along with pet dander and bed bugs.

You may also consider purchasing an allergy encasement for your mattress.

A Natural Choice

Organic bedding, whether pillows or blankets, is the natural choice. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping so the sheets we crawl into every night are just as important as the clothes we slip on in the morning as we get ready to start our day.

Although organic products may be more expensive, they are a worthy investment that will benefit you in the long run. Start with your pillow and work your way up to an organic mattress.

Sleep well!

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