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Platform Bed vs. Box Spring vs. Foundation: Which Do You Need?

Before purchasing a mattress, it’s always good to know whether you’ll need a foundation, box spring, or platform bed so there are no surprises. Your mattress should be properly supported to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

What you’ll need will depend on what type of mattress you’re interested in. The requirements for a natural latex mattress aren’t the same as memory foam or springs.

Below you’ll find all the information you need when searching for the best option.

What are my options?

mattress boxspring vs foundation


Best for: Natural latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses & innersprings

A foundation is usually made of wood and is meant to act as a sturdy support for a wide variety of mattresses, including natural latex, memory foam, and innersprings.

It also gives your mattress some added height. Added height makes it easier to get in and out of bed, and it also has an aesthetic factor that some desire.

Savvy Rest’s foundation includes slats of pine covered in our Savvy Rest organic casing. It’s great for those who have a Savvy Rest mattress and want a uniform look.

Choose between a standard height (9″), or a lower profile (5″).

Foundations can properly support any type of mattress because of their rigidness. However, if you choose a natural latex mattress, make sure the slats are no less than two inches apart to ensure proper air flow since latex needs to breathe.

Box Spring

Best for: Innersprings

A box spring is made of either wood or metal and is designed to support innerspring mattresses. It is not nearly as sturdy as a slatted foundation or platform bed, and is not recommended for either natural latex or memory foam mattresses due to lack of durability.

While box springs are often the cheapest option, they aren’t ideal unless you have a typical innerspring mattress.

mattress foundation vs. platform bed

Platform Bed

Best for: natural latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses & innersprings

A platform bed is a bed frame with slats that eliminates the need for a foundation or box spring and is usually made of wood.

Simply place your mattress directly on the wooden slats. The slats will provide sturdy support as well as adequate air circulation, which is particularly important for those who opt for a natural latex mattress.

A platform bed is the only option that truly allows your personal style to come through.

Savvy Rest offers two platform beds, the Afton and the Esmont. The Afton features a classic design that is made to last for generations. Add a customizable headboard to the mix and you have the Esmont, an elegant and sophisticated platform bed.

Learn more about our natural platform beds

The Afton natural platform bed in linseed oil with the Serenity latex organic mattress

The Afton, by Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest’s Virginia-manufactured platform bed, the Afton, supports your sleep with timeless simplicity and a natural finish.

Featuring a customizable, solid-maple headboard, the Esmont is a stylish addition to any natural bedroom.

Customize your Savvy Rest platform bed with floating bedside tables.

A mid-century modern adjustable bed frame unlike anything else.

Both platform beds are hand-built in Central Virginia with maple and poplar wood. They are available in zero-VOC linseed, mahogany, cedar, and walnut.

No tools are required for assembly.

Platform Bed Insert

Best for: natural latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses & innersprings

A platform bed insert is also meant to replace a foundation or box spring. It fits inside your bed frame and can be used to add extra height to your mattress.

The Savvy Rest platform bed insert is made with untreated maple and poplar wood, and is available in three heights: 5″, 7″, or 9″.

Now You Know

A mattress should be an investment, which means that you should do everything you can to treat it right. Now you have all the information you need when trying to figure out what to place your (hopefully organic) mattress on. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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