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Questions Your Body Can Answer

…as you descend into sleep and ascend to awakening

Do you remember when you were 5 or 10 years old and every single night was a perfect night’s sleep? If your sleep is still like that, then count yourself very fortunate. If you’ve lost that boneless feeling of peace and deep rest, however, you can invite it to return.

Ask yourself if you are getting the maximum benefit out of your time at rest, and whether you’d like to consider some new ways to improve it. The quickest answer for many people is to take a pill. But if you’re willing to tune in to your sleep experience, and really listen to your body with a little patience, you may soon find that your body’s own wisdom sounds like a lullaby.

We won’t give you the answers to the questions below—as with many things, the answers may lie in the questions themselves. It’s taking the time to ask them and ponder them that sends a signal to your deep unconscious mind that you’re open to learning new ways to rest.

How do you feel as you fall asleep?
Did you enjoy life during the last 10 minutes before you went to sleep?
Were you watching TV or on the computer?
Did you feel relaxed and stress-free during that time?
Did you smile or just feel contentment?
Did you feel the sensation of love in your heart?

Getting comfortable
Are you on your side, your back, or your stomach when you drop off to sleep?
Are you a “¾ sleeper”–lying on the back of your shoulder but the side of your legs?

Waking up
How quickly do you ascend to full wakefulness? Five seconds, one minute, 15 minutes?

Do you enjoy the state of consciousness between sleeping and wakefulness for a few minutes?
Did you have any dreams, profound or mundane?
Are you feeling any aches or pain? Shoulders? Hips?
Any tingling or numbness?
Any congestion or trouble breathing?
Do you feel completely rejuvenated? Do you have a new lease on life?
Does the inside of your body feel as though it’s had a massage—both relaxed and energized?

If these questions inspire you to learn how to connect more consciously with your physical body, there are many exercises available for free on the Web to guide you. Try an Internet search for “how to meditate” or “the relaxation response.” And let us know in Comments what works for you—share your good-sleep secrets!

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