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What is your body telling you?

Listening to your body is important in finding your ideal mattress

Even those of us who are ardent agnostics agree that we are more than just a bag of bones or a sack of water. We have thoughts, feelings, and emotions; and the human body is put together in organized and functional systems that serve us while we are here.

It’s fun to think about how an engineer could design a body that served us better for typing (20 fingers), running (four legs), dancing (swivel head) or many other functions. I have a really good idea for men who bike: we’d benefit from a little built-in hook-‘n-loop tape! I’m not holding out for any of these changes, though—we’ve all got to work with what we’ve got.

…And the bodies we’ve got present some awkward challenges for putting ourselves to bed. Backs, shoulders, arms, hips, and necks are not perfectly flat nor perfectly rounded or proportioned. So, your sleep surface needs to adjust to all your curves, planes, and internal alignments—allowing for variances in blood flow, musculature, and nerve endings.

You could have a mattress designed perfectly for your body just as you are; but later, when your body changed, you might need a re-design. That’s why an adaptable, customizable mattress design makes such a difference for comfort over many years.

When you choose a Savvy Rest Organic mattress configuration, the best information for guiding your selection of firmness will come from you. For example, a heavy person will exert more force on the mattress and will be able to sense the bottom layer of a three-layer mattress. On the other hand, a 50-pound child will experience only the top and maybe the middle layer.

Do you have any sleep issues? How is your neck? Back? Shoulders? Hips? Arms? Legs? Do your partners’ movements disturb you? Do you sleep hot? If you have back pain, is it due to nerve impingement or muscle spasm? Is it low back pain or middle of the back? Is it better or worse on one side or the other?

If you continue to ask yourself these and similar questions, your body will supply the correct answers—as long as you keep listening. You may not get the answer that you expected to hear; but if you allow your body to do so, it will speak to you.

Having trouble hearing your body’s advice? Over the years our staff has developed a surprisingly strong sense of what works for each person. Sometimes customers need to exchange a layer of latex for a different firmness to adjust a mattress, but not very often. We are pleasantly surprised at how good we’ve gotten at making suggestions that work.

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