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What is the Best Mattress Size? A Mattress Size Guide

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You are ready to purchase a new mattress but aren’t sure which size is best for your bedroom. 

Mattress sizes can sometimes be tricky since you want to confirm it fits your space without the room feeling cramped, but you also want to make sure you have enough space to sleep comfortably, especially if you have a partner who will be sharing the bed with you.

This blog post will cover US mattress sizes, along with detailing which sizes are most popular and why.

When Choosing your Best Mattress Size, Ask Yourself…

3 questions to ask when choosing a mattress size.

1. What is my budget?

This matters, since a Queen may be a more affordable option rather than a King. Know what you are comfortable spending, or if you want to opt for the King, see if financing options are available. 

2. What is the size of the room?

The worst thing is purchasing a mattress that takes up your entire bedroom so you have no space for anything else, or worse, doesn’t even fit in your bedroom. Make sure you know the dimensions of your bedroom and the wall it will be up against. Ask yourself: Do I also need room for a dresser? Will I have space for a side table? Learn more about designing your bedroom.

3. Will this mattress be comfortable for both me and my partner?

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to you if you’re single, but if you have a partner, their comfort matters too! If you have a very tall partner for example, they probably aren’t going to feel comfortable in a Full mattress size.

Mattress Size Guide

Before diving into specific information on each individual mattress size, here is an overall guide to what is available when mattress shopping.

Please note that sizing can vary slightly depending on brand, but generally speaking, these dimensions are standard across the industry. Mattress sizes in inches.

Twin: 38” x 74”

Twin XL: 38” x 80”

Full: 53” x 74”

Queen: 60” x 80”

King: 76” x 80”

CA King: 72” x 84”

Alaskan King: 108” x 108” (not available at every store)

Mattress Size Chart for popular size mattresses.

Breaking it Down: Mattress Dimensions 


Twin Mattress Dimensions: 38” x 74”

Best For: Small children or teens

Known As: The smallest mattress size in the US (other than crib size mattress). Meant for one person.

Recommended Room Size: 8 x 10 feet (this will also allow for small furniture pieces), though 7 x 9 feet is also acceptable.

Twin XL

Twin XL Mattress Dimensions: 38” x 80”

Best For: Teens or small adults

Known As: A smaller mattress that is still comfortable for taller children or adults due to its extended length. A Twin XL mattress size is also very common in college dorms. Meant for one person.

Recommended Room Size: 8 x 10 feet


Full Mattress Dimensions: 53” x 74”

Best For: Teenager, single adult, couples who like sleeping close, or guest bed

Known As: A smaller mattress that is large enough for two people. If you like cuddling with your partner and don’t need your own space, this is a good option. It is also a more economical choice compared to a Queen or King size mattress.

Recommended Room Size: 10 x 10 feet


Queen Mattress Dimensions: 60” x 80”

Best For: Single adult, couples, or guest bed

Known As: A Queen size mattress is the most popular size in the US. It has plenty of space for one adult, and can comfortably sleep a couple as well. It is more affordable than King and CA King mattresses, but is still more spacious when compared to Full mattresses.

Recommended Room Size: 10 x 10 feet at minimum, but ideally larger so you can fit more furniture.


King Mattress Dimensions: 76” x 80”

Best For: Couples or those who co-sleep with their child.

Known As: A popular option for couples who like their space, especially those who sleep hot and want to avoid too much body heat from cuddling. If you co-sleep with your child, a King size will allow for more room than a Queen or even a CA King.

Recommended Room Size: 12 x 10 feet

CA King

CA King Mattress Dimensions: 72” x 84”

Best For: A tall single adult or couples where one or both individuals are tall.

Known As: The mattress that 6’5” adults prefer since it offers more length than even a King mattress. No one wants their feet hanging off the end of the bed! The one downside is that this mattress is four inches less in width when compared to the King mattress size.

Recommended Room Size: 12 x 12 feet

Alaskan King

Alaskan King Dimensions: 108” x 108”

Best For: A very large bedroom that needs a larger mattress, a couple who likes a ton of space, or a couple who co-sleeps with multiple children or pets. 

Known As: The mattress you buy when you want an ocean apart between you and your partner! All jokes aside, this is not a common mattress due to the fact that it doesn’t fit into most bedrooms, or isn’t necessary for the average couple’s comfort. However, it can be helpful to those with several pets who take over the bed, or if you are a parent who co-sleeps with more than two children.

Recommended Room Size: 16 x 16 feet

Note: This size is not carried by most mattress brands. However, it may be available through a custom order.

Which Mattress Size is Best For You?

Besides the three questions we posed at the beginning of the article (make sure you read those!), what else is there to consider when choosing mattress size? 

Are you a hot sleeper?

If yes, and you are sharing the bed with a partner, we recommend staying away from Full size, and possibly even Queen. You will want your space, so King size may be your best option. Learn more about sleeping hot and what to do about it. You may also consider sleeping in separate beds.

Do you have restless leg syndrome?

If you or your partner toss and turn (or kick), you again will want to make sure you have plenty of space, so a King size bed could be the safest bet.

What is your most common sleep position?

Do you curl up into a ball on your side? Then you don’t need a lot of space to spread out. But if you tend to stretch out your arms and roll over, you may want to consider one of the larger sizes.

Do you share a bed with children or pets?

If you co-sleep with your children, or you have furry family members, you will want to keep that in mind when choosing a mattress. Ample space is important to avoid feeling over-crowded, especially if you have larger dogs who can easily take over!

Do you need a custom mattress?

Custom mattress sizes are fantastic for those who need a specific size to fit an RV, small loft bed, or larger space that can accommodate a mattress much grander than a King. Whatever your situation, a custom mattress may be the best route for you but keep in mind, it comes with custom fees.

Start Shopping for Your Mattress

It’s time to start shopping. We recommend choosing an organic latex mattress that is customizable in terms of firmness. Our most popular mattress is The Serenity, which is made of 3 layers of natural latex and is GOTS-certified organic as a finished product.
Learn more about how to choose a Savvy Rest mattress here.

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