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Why You Should Ditch Your Toxic Pillow

Everyone’s nighttime routine varies. While some like to take a warm bath surrounded by bubbles and scented candles, others enjoy getting cozy in bed with a good book. No matter how you wind down and decompress before bedtime, we all lay our heads down on a pillow. Some of us even have a personal favorite–the one we go back to over and over again. A pillow is a comforting object that you nestle into every night as you doze off. But what if your pillow isn’t as safe as you think?

Avoid Chemical Flame Retardants & Polyurethane

Chemical flame retardants are used to meet federal fire regulations in a lot of mainstream mattresses and they are sometimes even used on pillows, particularly ones made of polyurethane foam. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping so it’s incredibly important that our bedding products are not only comfortable but safe as well. When you sleep on a pillow that carries harmful toxins, you’re breathing in chemicals that can seriously affect your health over a period of time. These chemicals attach to the dust in your home like microscopic magnets. Exposure to chemical flame retardants can lead to health complications such as liver damage, infertility and obesity, just to name a few. We only have one body so it’s important that we do everything in our power to take proper care of it. Switching over to an organic pillow is definitely a great start.

Quality Matters

We all value the visible and tangible quality of products. I don’t mind spending more on an item of clothing if I know that it’s well-made and will last for years to come. It was just the other day that I walked into a clothing store and noticed a gray sweater delicately folded on a sale table. I picked it up and began to examine the patterns and the stitching. As I looked closer, I realized it was beginning to fray and was in less than satisfactory condition. From far away, the sweater looked beautiful but when you truly begin to notice its composition, you can see critical flaws. This idea can be applied to a pillow as well. An elegant display of pillows at a department store can look fun, exciting and completely harmless. However, once you actually research how these items are made, you begin to learn about the unsettling facts. I’m happy to say that our pillows don’t fit into this nightmarish category.

organic pillows from Savvy Rest

Switching to Organic

Savvy Rest offers several different types of organic pillows that will allow you to sleep comfortably without being exposed to unnecessary chemicals. Our pillows are made with certified organic cotton and are filled with natural materials such as wool and kapok. Most of our pillows are customizable, meaning you can take out as much fill as you want so that you are left with the perfect pillow for your sleeping preferences. Everyone sleeps differently and therefore defines a comfortable sleep in their own unique way. Our pillows are designed with that in mind.

Whenever I show customers how our pillows work, they are immediately intrigued. I zip open the case, tilt the pillow towards them, and watch them smile with interest as they feel the fluffy kapok or the bouncy shredded latex. The fill of synthetic pillows is a mystery to most people since it’s out of sight and out of mind. When it comes to our pillows though, we want you to see and feel the materials. Our hope is that you will fall in love (and fall asleep) with organic products.

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