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ZZZZs in Belize!

Guest post by Kat Kader, winner of the 2104 Savvy Rest-Hamanasi Resort ZZZZs in Belize! Contest

After we landed in Belize City, within 30 minutes we were on a hopper flight to Dangriaga. The small plane thrilled our young children, who loved flying so close above the ocean and the rainforest canopy.

A friendly driver was waiting at the Dangriga airport—a small landing strip with one tiny building. After a long drive through small towns, farming areas and fishing villages, at last we arrived at Hamanasi Resort—a tropical hidden gem!

Immediately, we relaxed. We swam in the ocean and gorgeous pool, and explored the resort’s grounds looking for wildlife. At the activity center we scheduled our pick of daily adventures—we could choose birding, a laid-back river kayak tour, a day-trek to Mayan ruins, island snorkeling, or scuba-diving the mysterious Big Blue Hole.

Earth in Mind

We loved the kind and attentive Hamanasi staff and the green measures and special touches they offer as a Green Globe certified eco-resort; even behind the scenes, their commitment is amazing. We pitched in by recycling, reusing the lovely steel bottles they give all guests to keep, limiting our requests for fresh towels and sheets, and heeding reminders to use less electricity.

One day we went into the village of Hopkins. The local people have little in the way of material goods but welcomed us with sincere and beautiful smiles, and it was humbling to interact with them. Thankful for tourists who support their community, they sell handmade products in many little shops.

Back at Hamanasi, we savored the delicious dining with food that was fresh, healthful and made to order. The chef even made a splendid dessert plate for our 15th anniversary celebration!

The Sleep We Were Dreaming Of…

We just had an amazing time. We made lots of new friends and great memories, took many pictures, and had very restful nights thanks to the Savvy Rest mattresses in our rooms. (We couldn’t stop talking about Savvy Rest products, your company and your staff. I think you’ll have new customers soon!)

Hands down, the best part of this vacation was being able to sleep through the night and wake up truly rested and ready to go for hours of beach, kayaking, soccer, pool, and snorkeling. We’ve had painfully tiring vacations for a decade—this is the first one when I haven’t been counting the days to get back to my daily grind…because at least I’d be sleeping on my Savvy Rest!

Thank you again for selecting us for the tropical vacation of a lifetime. It WAS a dream come true.

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